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Housewives Gone Rogue No. 22

I Love Milfs… especially the ones that Love getting fucked in front of the camera. Housewives Gone Rogue 22 brings you that. 5 Nasty sluts with an insatiable appetite for getting fucked. Madison Leigh Meets Pornstar Jake for the first time and it was instant chemistry, these two hit of immediately and it shows. Ludus Adonis and Stunning Summer also had an epic fuck I was lucky enough to be there to capture it. Rochelle lynn scene was shot years ago. I only discovered this hot anal/creampie scene on an old hard drive a month ago. The we have the sexy Milf Seinna Brookes giving me a BJ while I Massage her. Finally went to a swingers Party and this is the first time I am meeting and fucking Ginger Reigh and Misty Blu. 2 hours of pure debauchery get your copy today




The sluts Next door No. 29

The Sluts next door 29 is the latest DVD in this series a record 6 sluts are on this feature Leilani Lei, Stunning Summer, Lily Lawsen, Christi Wett, Amber Leah and Natasha Starr. All these ladies are very good at taking Dick. No script just gonzo styled amateur fucking captured on video. You wont need to fast-forward this DVD. Total time 2 hours. Get your copy today




Big Max Banging the Milfs No. 40

No. 40 been doing this since 2002 and i love it this is an off the hook feature. Mixture of old n new. Discovered some footage I had but never released. 5 scenes with 4 hot Milfs. Including a spanking scene with Christie Wett where I welt her ass with bruises and we fuck till the wee hours in AM had cut it to 2 scenes.  I also have footage of a ex-lover who uses to stop by for lunch n dick once a week. As always a favorite of mine Leilani lei invited me over we started to smoke and well you know what happened next. round it out is another spanking scene with a Masked Milf which ends up being a quickie total Time: 2 hours Get your copy today



The Black Sluts Next door No. 10

The Black sluts No. 10 has 5 scenes of black sluts doing the nasty. Got an all star line up. Layla Perez, Mz Beautydoll, Vanessa Smiles, Kenya Sweetz. Marley Moore, and Slut Vicky. All these sluts have Max’s seal of approval. Blowjobs, Anal, Spanking, Dom-Sub. this DVD has it all. If you Love Black Booty this is the one for you. 2 hours on one DVD No hired slut on this DVD they just genuinely love dick. get your copy here




Vicki Dirty emails



Hi Daddy,

I feel lucky that you are willing to train me, I am VERY eager to please you and to submit fully to you.

I have work the next day, but I can be there a little earlier, with your permission. Is five hours (from 7pm to midnight) enough time for me to give you my birthday gift—- my complete and total submission. I will gladly get tied up, chained and gagged! As long as you are there telling me what to do, I will let whoever you want use me roughly.

You are in control of me. My body belongs to you. It makes me smile that you let me try to make you happy. Your worthless, chocolate slut is counting down the days.


Hi Daddy,

Eleven days until I get to serve you, I can’t wait! I promise to be beautiful and tight for you. I promise to open my mouth to take & swallow every load of cum you make me take (and let you videotape it). I promise to let you use any restraint, paddles and toys on me as part of my punishment and training. I will worship every inch of you or let whoever you want degrade me—anything to make you smile. You will be in complete control.

Also, I want to bring you treat, so tell me what cupcakes you like? I just paid for a car service to pick me up at your place at midnight and will be ready to go to ANY lengths to entertain & satisfy you (all you will have to do is give the command).
- your fully submissive slut


Hope you are having a great weekend. I am counting down the eight more days until I get to prove to you what a dirty slut I am (again). I will let you degrade & humiliate me —- whatever it takes to show you I am worthy of daddy’s time. See you at 7pm next Sunday.

I am VERY VERY willing to get face fucked, slapped, I will thoroughly lick your ass clean, suck cock after it is has been deep in my ass and will let all of my holes be fucked really roughly (by anyone you want) and filled with loads of cum on film. You are the only one I will turn over all control to & I will take it all. Would it please you to see my little body naked except for a dog collar, gaped from double anal with my face covered in cum?

I will show you what a submissive whore I can be —- I know you deserve a very willing and slutty fuck slave. Thank you for giving me a chance.



When arrive I will:
- Shut up, submit & do anything you tell me to do. I will have NO limits
- Be an obedient submissive whore-if it pleases you to collar, insult & humiliate me then you can, I am your pet
- Lick ass, suck cock, swallow cum, get faced fucked, let you use my tight ass & pussy for your/others pleasure, be a toilet whore, DP & DA, get creampies – do whatever it takes to make you hard & happy
- Precisely follow your commands and be an eager slut if you want to film me / take pictures

Daddy, I want to show that I am the most willing, subservient & nastiest girl. You own me. I will say “yes” to everything you tell me to do, I am your willing fuck slave—my only purpose is to please you (& your friends) See you tomorrow.
- Worthless Slut

A Night of Many First

Here is a true story written by a new slut I recently met. It got me hard reading and remembering the details of our encounter. Enjoy.
I will dedicate 2 sentences to describe myself and my life before Daddy. Because, that’s all I feel it deserves. I’ve been with my husband for 24 years; I am a 40 year old mother of 6, beautiful, sarcastic, fun, sweet and in love with life. My sexual experience was NEVER about ME, ALWAYS about HIM, no foreplay, NEVER ate my pussy and I can count on my fingers how many times he made me cum. I am a married cheating whore.
My Daddy, I first met when I was 12, he lived 2 doors down from me. We did crazy kid shit together, even back then he was a bad boy. My favorite pastime, stealing his Mom’s car when she was asleep and joyriding at night until there was just enough gas to get back into the driveway. Just shy of his 18th birthday, he joined the Marines and I didn’t hear from him for 25 years. A few months back he messaged me  “Hello Smiley” on Facebook, within 5 days of talking to him, He was my Daddy and I his slut in training.
See Daddy LOVES the Naughty stuff…ALL of it.  He had seen Max in a few adult movies on XHAMSTER. He searched him out on and he responded right away to the email I sent him. Right off the bat, I could tell Max was genuine, down to earth and easy to talk to. We chatted for a few weeks, as did he and Daddy. He was respectful of my boundaries and knew I was owned. YES, I am an OWNED SLAVE. I do whatever Daddy tells me to, because he knows what’s best for me. He knows every deep dark secret, every need  and desires  of mine.
The three of us knew we were all going to meet at some point, but our schedules were crazy. This past weekend, I had plans with Daddy to go to a local swingers club. I had never even set foot in one before, so this whole experience was…I won’t even say scary because I was not scared AT all. It was more overwhelming. I was anxious, but at the same time nervous about disappointing Daddy. The idea that I was going there to possibly suck another man’s cock, or eat another woman’s pussy, any encounter with a stranger, was exciting. It was hard to fathom that Daddy would be WATCHING me do this, and be okay with it. The mere fact that I didn’t know who it was going to be was agonizing. From what Daddy told me, you just kind of mingle with people, and then if you click with someone, you just either invite them over to the couches or beds and start fooling around. (YES, there were beds in this club, with couches around them, so people can watch you FUCK). Continue reading


Hello again I just thought I would post a clip of scenes from my upcoming DVD Housewives Gone Rouge 4. It will be released in the coming week and can be purchased at In the meanwhile check out the other selections at the site. There is a limited price reduction on most of the DVDs for the summer.


I am bleary-eyed form the long night I had and am now sitting at airport waiting for my flight to meet a one of my regular hook-ups, but I am getting ahead of myself maybe I should start from the beginning. It started off on swing site I won’t mention, but a couple contacted me on it. They had seen my profile and wanted to meet, I looked up their profile. It got my attention. On their profile page big bold letters BBC ONLY hmm I thought a woman after my own lust. The photos were very provocative sexy… whom am I kidding they were slutty nasty pictures of the female half of the couple. I was very intrigued by the boldness of the profile. It was stating proudly what they/she wanted and also showing some face photos on their profile. Most couple usually show pics but hide their faces. But not them she was on there proudly taking multiple black Dick in her mouth pussy and ass. In their letter to me they said they had seen my videos and would love t meet me one day. I emailed them back expressing my desire of the same and thus started our online correspondences. She sent me even more nasty images showing herself in various scenes of her taking BBC. She was a 3 hole kind of gal unfortunately they lived in a state the was at least a 10 hour drive as hot as she was I would not drive that far beside so many fakes online you never know, needles to say I took chance and gave them my number and they promised to call. A week goes by and I do not hear anything from them and it becomes a distant memory.

Then one day out of the blue I get a call I did not recognize the number but it was a sexy voice. After much going back n forth and back checking I relalized it was them. I was very surprised because I fully did not expect to hear from them. I spoke to the female half of the couple she was a bit cocky and I thought a tad inebriated. After chatting a few minutes we had a good repertoire going. She was turned on by my dominance. It seem like a lot of the guys in her town were a bit intimated it with a woman than can hold her own and not back down she was challenging me in our conversation, but I gave her as good a she gave and it became obvious as our chat continued she was beginning to melt. I could tell I was having an effect on her. Her breathing became more pronounced and I could her audible moan when I told her the things we were going to do. Pouncing on that I seized the moment and took control asserted my self and started to call her my bitch. She was becoming more and more enthralled with me pretty soon she stopped talking and all I could hear was her heavy breathing and occasion yelps. I upped the tempo and got nastier I told her I owned her cunt and go head and reach down and touch it oh oh ok she responded weakly. Then I heard her say “OH MY GOD” I am so wet. Jeesus I did not expect that. I then regaled a play by play on what and how we were going to fuck, before I could finished there was a low moaning sound coming from her end which was enunciated with a loud uuugggh. Did you Cum I asked, there was a deep breath and she exclaimed yes. Turns out she was a very submissive slut and like a man with a strong hand. In the proceeding week she sent me all sorts of naughty photos each set being more raunchy than the previous one she would call me on a spur when she was horny to listen me talk to her dirty all the while saying how much she wanted to meet.


So we decided to make plans for her to drive to NYC and meet me. She was supposed to call me the following day after she looked at dates when she and her husband would be free. However she never called, and again I figured it was not going to happen. Two week later she called to try set it up. I said I don’t think it is going to work, why she said disappointed I said because I don’t have time to play games. If you want meet fine but do not waste my time we had 2 deadlines but you failed to follow up on getting back to me. I do apologize she said it is just a lot going here and I have been very busy and we cant seem to get away to come down would you consider coming up to see us? Well I can’t commit coming to see you when you can’t keep in touch. The possibility of me arriving at the airport and you not showing up is my problem. How can I make you believe we are serious and I desperately need your dick? I don’t believe you I replied. No its true I been thinking bout our talks and I don’t only want your dick I need it. Prove it said. Surprised she asks how. Get me a ticket to fly to you I said. Otherwise I walk and we don’t talk again, OK I will do it. she said. I sent her my info and a couple hours I received an e-ticket in my email so the plan was set in motion I was to see her 2 weeks later. During those 2 week I solidified my dominance on her having her send me various pics of her in specific poses. I stopped calling her by her name she was now “Slut” I would leave her soaking after our chats sometimes I would make her cum other I wouldn’t. When the time came closer she was instructed on what the wear it was understood when they picked me up at he airport me and her would ride in the back seat while her husband drove us to the hotel. Though out the week she would email with variations of this: this is killing me I want your dick so bad I want to be breeded by you. I want your dick buried in my pussy I want your cum deep in my womb. Soon enough slut Daddy will be there soon I coolly replied.


I packed light and my flight arrived to my destination on time, going though the airport was a breeze. I was told they drove a red SUV but as I stood at the curb waiting their vehicle was not to be found. But I did not fear I knew they would be there, after all she did buy the ticket. 20 minutes later I see their car pulling up and she did not disappoint. She was wearing what I told her to. She hopped out of the car and kissed me like a long lost lover despite all those strangers standing around. I dropped my bags and grabbed her ass and pulled her close to me the other hand took a hold of her neck and she inhaled my tongue what a welcome I though as we broke the kiss and got my bags in the car. She cleared a spot for me in the back seat and jumped in after me. I briefly shook hands with her husband who was very excited at the prospect of seeing his wife fuck me. He went on to ask me how was my flight sorry for being late blah blah I did not hear most of what he was say because before we even left the airport me and Brandi where once again locked in a lip and tongue battle spread them I murmured she was not wearing panties as I instructed and my fingers were slipping past her eraser hard clit. Her pussy lips where swollen and wet. 2 finger easily slipped in while my thumb rotated her hard clit oh God oh God she whimpered she gyrated on my hand burying her head in the crux between my shoulder and neck I am so close she hissed Not yet I told her daddy dick needs attention get down there and suck. Yes sir she said and scooted her body away and started to work on my dick, which was pulsating hard, I leaned back and groaned, her tongue and saliva coated my eager dick. Our moaning was interrupted by her husband piping in “so I see you met my wife Brandi” we both laughed at the joke and we still had not left the confines of the airport.


Finally checking in to my room Brandi and her husband came up to my room a few minutes after I phoned them the room number. They brought booze and other mind altering party favors. Now that we were finally here Brandi was a bit nervous so her husband poured her a glass of wine to relax her while I took liberties in fondling her legs and thighs. Finally after warming up and much talk. We got up and I kissed her, pinning her body to the wall I could feel her body it was beginning to grind on me I then gave her husband my video camera to record what was about to happen. We continued to kiss. I forced her to her knees, which did not take too much effort she was greedily fishing for my Dick. Although it had only been half hour since she sucked it she treated my dick like a long lost friend she had not seen in days, she devoured it starting with my cock-head getting it wet with her mouth then engulfing my growing dick she loved sucking cock and it showed, I had to grab her hair and instructed to slow down the dick is not going any where. No hand just you mouth “yes daddy” she quietly said and began a masterful job on worshiping my Dick nothing sexier than hearing a slut suck and slurp up her spit as in runs down your dick she deep throated me looking up at me with her eyes looking for approval as she choked on the black monster in her mouth. Good girl I complimented her she pulled back and took a deep breath and went at it again working her way down to my balls. I was in heaven. But my toes started to curl when she used her mouth and lips on my balls she took both of them in her mouth and swirled her tongue even reaching back to the spot between my ass and balls she had me moaning but as good as that felt I wanted to fuck this slut and my cum was not going to be n her mouth but in her married cunt.


Get on the bed slut .She got in the bed fully dressed and was beginning to fumble with her buttons taking off her clothes. No leave em on I commanded. “Get on your knees slut” she got on all four trembling anticipating what is yet to come her ass was plump I lifted her skirt to reveal her round deep ass. “OH God her lips are swollen” I heard her husband exclaimed. One swipe of my fingers to her cunt confirmed she was wet and ready I pushed her chest further in to the bed accentuating her ass further pushing it out to my waiting cock. It was twitching in anticipation. Do you want a condom? No daddy she screamed “breed me” what to you want in your cunt slut “Your Big Fat Black Dick” she snarled then I popped the head in her warm wet hole it gripped like a glove and I slipped in. Her pussy lips had a hard time accommodate my girth so I helped out with a generous amount of spit and sunk in deeper then she began to wail and push back accepting more of daddy’s dick within 5 min her long hair was flowing back and forth and she was cuming guttering obscenities. I began to pound her hard. Our slapping bodies was rhythmic she was so warm and wet, when I grabbed her hair and pounded harder I heard her say OH God you balls are slapping my pussy don’t stop I am going to cum again. She cam in a torrent squirting out her cum all over my thighs and legs when I pulled out her cunt was gapping could see her insides contracting.


Spread those cheeks I am taking your ass. Her husband grabbed the lube for me I poured a good amount and stuck my thumb in Brandi ass she moaned her consent and kept her ass checks open by using both hands to spread them I worked My dick in her ass it was a very tight fit but like all true sluts she made it work and her ass was soon getting the same action her cunt was, pretty soon I was fucking it like a pussy and she grinding it back on me. Do you want Daddy cum I said as I was fucking her. Yes she said but not in my ass in my cunt. You want my seed in your cunt? Me saying that seem to trigger a massive orgasm for her. She came hard and collapsed.

After a quick break Brandi found herself riding my dick we had been at it for about 2 hours and I was ready to cum. I had lost track on how many time she came but looking up at her riding my dick like it was her job was driving me close to burst so when I felt myself close I flipped her on her back and told her husband bring the camera I am going to nut I inserted my dick in her and spewed my warm baby batter on her clit then pushing it deep inside her filling her pussy with my seed she locked her leg around me to keep the juices from escaping and we kept on fucking my cum was now lube making a frothy foam at our junction. Before the night was over I deposited another load in her for good measure. I was spent. An hour later Brandi and her husband were dressed and ready to go back home. Me and Brandi kissed passionately good bye and she told me “Promise me you will be back I going to need some BBC in about 3 weeks” I’ll be back I said in my best terminator voice which made her a giddy.


It was now about 2 AM and I could not sleep still horny so I went online to check my email and I got an IM from another couple I see regularly they asked what I was doing up so late and I told them I was not in NYC but in a different state getting laid. I am jealous she IMed back I need some BBC as well. The state you are in is not too far from us we are away on business do you think you have enough energy to help me out? My flight leave at 9AM today, when do you need Daddy I asked. Well I have a formal dinner to attend tonight can you fly in this afternoon I would love to get royally fucked after my function and of course since it short notice and it will be a while before I meet you I will pick up the tab. I have also taken the liberty of arranging a car to pick you up and booking a room next to ours my husband will stay in ours I plan to seep with you tonight. That will work I said, 15 min later there was a ding on my email with my flight conformation. Which bring me here at the jet blu terminal writing this blog.




-B. Max



Had an awesome weekend filled with fucking and debauchery. Just one snapshot of my weekend was when one of my friends called up and asked me if I was free one Friday evening. I had nothing going on that night.  So I told him what did he have in mind. “Well I got a bad girl for you, a total freak and she want a gangbang. She does it all anal, multiple guys DP she into everything. She is as nasty as they come”. Well I do like nasty, so the date was set for the euro slut to come by the crib.

The night they were supposed to come by we had arranged 5 guys including myself to turn her out. And as usual things don’t always work out as planned I had a booty call in NJ that afternoon me being the Man-Slut that I am couldn’t pass up a horny wife wanting a quickie before her husband got home. As a result I was running late getting back home. And any of you that live in the tri-state area know it is an agonizing slow crawl trying to get throughout the Lincoln tunnel at 6pm. The 8-mile trek took over 2 hours to get back. Needless to say when I got home, I had less than 45 minutes to set up before the slut arrived.

Turns out I did not have to rush nobody is ever on time so as I was changing the sheets putting in new pillow cases my buddy texted me and told she just got to his place and would be to my place in about hour. So I had time to chill have a beer and watch a lil law and order before the festivities.

She was a tall one, bout 5′ 10″ blond and busty she walked the house behind 2 of my friends and nervously looked around and held out her hand to shake and greet me. I pulled her in and kissed her hello on the cheek and asked if she wanted a drink. No I am fine she said. After brief introductions all the way around. She asked where could she change. Ready to fuck huh I said. Oh yes she replied laughing I am very horny. So I directed her to the bathroom while me and the guys waited for her in the bedroom.

When she first arrived she was wearing a pair of nondescript jeans, a top that was pretty inconspicuous. But when she stepped thought the bedroom door it was like whoa! She had thigh high white boots white lacy panties and nothing more, she had a bubble butt meaty thighs she was built for fucking, we wasted no time in pouncing on her. Mr. Ed and me attacked from the front and back. She had 4 hands mauling her and 2 mouths on her hard nipples she just fluttered her eyes and moaned just then the doorbell rang and 2 more guys showed up. I let them in and the party began.
I gave my camera to one of the guys and instructed him to record and then jumped in I scooted on the bed and grabbed her head and stuffed my dick down her throat she gurgled and accepted it greedily she did not talk much, only when instructed to do so but boy was she a grunter and that is all you heard all night moaning grunting and the occasional YES. She was in her element 5 guys there all for one purpose …to fuck her, and fuck her well. She was not there tonight to be wined and dined or romanced she wanted to be fuck hard and rough the rougher the better her cunt got so hot n wet when we started to talk to her dirty and call her a slut whore our bitch for tonight. Each of us took turns ravishing ha mouth with our dicks. Like I said she was built for fucking. She took most of my dick down with no teeth grating. When Mr. Ed said “you know she like it in the ass more than her pussy.” Oh yeah on your knees slut I told her as I lubed up. There was no prep; she took my dick in her ass like a true slut no complaint she in fact pushed back at me. Her ass expand and took all of my dick, she put her face down on the bed and let out a loud guttering moan and said fuck me and I did not hesitate I pounded her ass like it was a pussy and spanked her ass as she came. Her ass was glowing red and all the guys took turns on her now open ass, she was Cumming non-stop. “Let’s DP this bitch” Mr. Ed said as I was taking her ass for the second time. He slid down under her and slipped his dick in her waiting cunt. My dick never left her ass I was doing her doggie, I immediately felt the tightening of her ass and her moans grew one decibel higher. I grabbed on to her shoulders and neck to keep her steady and we both grinded and fucked her till she was screaming I am Cumming.
After we slid off her another guy took my place and started to fuck her in the ass. For the next hour no one took her pussy it was all ass. I was so open anyone could have slid in there very easily. She was in ecstasy. As hard as we pounded her she never once said stop or no it’s too much, she simply opened her legs and gleefully took all the dick that was given to her.
What came next I can only describe as simply amazing. I processed to finger her and make her squirt. Her pussy was soaking wet and slippery I nonchalantly slipped a 3rd finger in her then she grabbed my wrist for a second I thought maybe she had reached her limits and was pushing my hand away but I was wrong so very wrong. She wanted the exact opposite. She used my arm like a balancing pole and steadied her self planted both feet on the bed and lunged her cunt onto my finger. Them I knew what she wanted. Lubed was poured on to my hand and I pushed in deeper. In all my fucking I have never been able to get pass the knuckles in a woman but this one was determined to take all of me and like magic my hand disappeared in her. Not only did it cover my wrist but also I was actively fisting and fucking her with my forearm. You could see the pleasure in her eyes when she was beginning to cum and scream, then Mr. Ed put 4-finger sin her ass and we double fisted fuck her.
-B. Max.

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