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September DVDs


Housewife gone rogue 16 Is packed full of action 5 hot scenes with those sexy sluts BBW Lyla Everwett gives some of the craziest BJ in the biz she sucks me off while another shoot is going on in the next room. We fuck in the bathroom then decided to do our one scene. Another one found n re-mastered met a couple in Virginia I was her first black man and her first shoot ever. Her husband joined in needless to say I never got to see any of the sights in Virginia. Then there is Amber peach and Kate Faucet taking Care of D. Wise in Vegas during AVN. Moe the Monster is also on this flick he demolishes this sexy slut Jasmine Starr. Finally retired porn chick Erin Daye taking on 2 BBC Time: 2 hours Get your copy here



Big max Banging the Milf No. 34 the best selling series is Back chock full of those Milfs you love to see get fucked. We have part 2 of the Virginia couple that was on housewife gone rogue 16. This was the conclusion of my fuck with her for being with a black man for the first time, she sure took it like duck to water it made her cuck hubby very happy. Lexi is Back being slutty as ever I got a couple of my buddies over and she truly got the fuck of her life. Like a true slut she took it like a champ and took 3 BBC. After years of trying I finally got to fuck Misty Blu We finally did and it was worth the wait I came so quick after fucking her round booty. One of my favorite sluts is also here making her 5th appearance on the series Jasmin loves cucking her hubby she insist I fuck her raw n cum inside her by the way she have not had her husband cum in her for years. Finally I caught Angelica masturbating while she though I was out of the house she was trying to make a private video for me. I had to reward her with BBC. Time: 2 hours Get your copy here



The sluts next door No. 23 Brings a Mixture of old n new Found some throw-back vids with retired porn chick Kat Noir Her moan n scream can get any body hard or wet One of my first shoot with Natasha Starr was with an equally talented slut named Raven Bay the two sluts eat each other out in their first scene together. D. Wise and Alanah have such sweet chemistry and it shows on film she fucks him so well he bust massive load on her pretty face. Another retied porn star is here on this DVD Austin Taylor she shows off her round ass  that super bubble ass of hers gets destroyed. Finally we have the hooded slut aka Angelica giving me my morning fuck from our personal collection. Time: 2 hours Get your copy here

New Slut Nadia

Just shot a new video with a New slut Named Nadia. Although she is not new to fucking this was her first official shoot. Expect to see more of her in a upcoming DVD TBA and a update on she was a pleasure to work with. Ludus Adonis “beaks her video cherry” The video was hot. She is a natural. Check out the preview below.


Marylynn the Milf

My buddy n partner in crime Mike Dirty introduced me to this new slut Named Marylynn Amour. He kept telling me you have to meet her, she has a pussy that stays so wet you can fuck her for hours. I kept putting it off because i did not want to make the long trip to Philly. So last Sunday he convinced me to take a ride with him to the city of brotherly love. And i am glad i did. She was a treat to fuck. He was right, this sexy Milf loved to fuck and stayed wet, not once did we use lube on her. for an hour and a half we took turn fucking her. At one point she screamed so loud i was a afraid the hotel staff would knock on the door.

She will be coming soon the theslutsnextdoor website. But for now here is a promo video of her. she is also featured on my newest DVD The Sluts Next Door No. 22


Fan Submission

A couple i been chatting with for some time sent me me a demo video as an audition to meet me. Hopefully sometime in the near future she will be getting the “Max Treatment”

Big Max Banging the MILFs 32

We don’t quit. We are now on number 32 in Big Max Banging the MILFs series. 124 scenes so far on DVD. In Number 32 we have 6 naughty Hot-wives doing their thing with yours truly Big Max.

Starting off we have the conclusion of my hook up with Miriam from MBM#31 Its the first time i fucked her raw and she wanted to get bred her IUD was out so i pounded her and gave her the cream she wanted.My main girl Angelica Winters is also here. I had a shoot set up got a hotel room and the girl flaked… so fuck it. Me and Angelica took advantage of the room got busy I took her anally and fucked her to a quivering heap.

Next up sweet Jane. I met her several years back and had not spoken to her in about 6 years. I bumped into her at Exxxotica and we decided to get reacquainted. She had not lost her touch she got a fast nut out of me.

The one any only Leilani is also back, this Petite fire-cracker really gets me going this is why she is on so many of my DVDs.

We also have a newcomer A fan, a nurse actually that lives in RI she drove all the way to NYC because, not enough Black men that live in her town and she craved BBC. Her husband contacted me and asked if i could fuck his wife. The vid speaks for it self.

Finally we have another new girl named Sadie. I was only the second guy she has shot with so she is Brand new. On this scene i was producer n director and worked behind the camera. I let a new talent Ludus Adonis fuck her. It was so hot I wound up fucking her privately after the shoot.


Swingers Promotion

Lot of folks have asked how do i meet other swingers or get into the lifestyle whether they are a couple or a single. I have always had luck with this site Maybe it might work for you too. They are offering a free trial membership to try them out. Just use the PROMO CODE 25711 Good luck




Vicky wants daddy to GangBang her again

Letter one of my sluts sent me after our session

My daddy,

Thank you for today—You really used my young, tiny body & fucked my pussy, mouth & ass so deep. I appreciate your lessons in submission especially as I prepare for your birthday GB (from 6pm to 10pm) You are amazing!!

With your approval, can you please send the paragraph below, of what I will be VERY willing to do at the GB to your friends (below)?

I, Vicki — Max’s slut —- promise  to wear lacy thongs, very high heels & thi-highs, get insulted (called a whore & slut) spit on & degraded, allow my arms and/or legs bound with rope, handcuffs and/or tape, wear a dog collar, get videotaped & pictures taken of me for your personal use, get my face fucked until I gag, lick ass, swallow loads of cum, get my pussy fucked raw & very hard in any position, get my ass fucked raw & very hard in any position, get golden shower (s), get slapped & spanked, take a deep DP, take (my first) double anal and or triple penetration, take no more than one 5-min break every 45 minutes, only speak when spoken to, be a very submissive whore & be generally willing to do ANYTHING to make you happy


Blow Job Cigar

I have gotten a lot of requests for scene of me smoking a cigar while getting a BJ. Well it is: a clip of Hazel Allure giving me a BJ while I am smoking enjoy. The full scene will be on a future DVD release.




Max here with another blog update. A new slut I recently met wrote this little adventure. It is written by her in her own words it is the build up before our recent tryst.

I am sitting now thinking about the impending visit in a few days. I have some time to reflect over the past period of getting to know “Daddy”, I am going to now share a bit of the history…that has lead to this visit in just a few days.

As a member of a swinger’s site I have been able to meet quite a few people. Some still friends, and now some just a memory. As I peek at different profiles, there was one that stood out and dominated my thoughts, so I made contact. This particular one seemed to have some insight of my wants, cravings and an understanding of what my darkest needs were. My interest in swinging has been over the years since about 1989. Some fun has been had, but the intrigue of the “Dom/sub” life is certainly where my heart is. I have dabbled with this lifestyle but now know that I am a deeply submissive woman and proud to be so! There are certain words that warm my heart… “Slut”, “Fucktoy” that cause me to melt in warmth and knowing I am desired and cared for. Of course the intonation of the voice as these words are uttered re affirms that these words are said with thoughts of adoration. So as a relationship I was in seemed to “wobble”, and my heart a bit broken and I ached for someone to understand what I was dealing with. I was lead, as I stated a moment ago to this very attractive man, handsome and had a profile that sparked my interest. This profile dominated my thoughts and I then chose to send a note. Ahhh and there it began.

A few notes back and forth, then a phone call to hear the voice. Quite a few phone calls over a few months were exchanged. That calm even toned settling voice. The conversations were sometimes very generalized, sometimes with very intense sexual overtones, and also sometimes downright nasty. Sometimes we just talked over “stuff”. You might say that there was some solid ground between us, I felt like my relationship here at home was falling apart and I so needed someone to understand me, help me and guide me. “Daddy” did just that for that period of time. That period of time was quite awhile ago, but now just a month ago I find myself again with a bit of a broken heart and struggling, same man………….different year!

I reach out, again, and with great warmth “Daddy” is there for me. I told him what was going on, and how much I needed some control over me to “gather” myself. I do not do well when I do not have the control in my life. I need guidance, direction and strength in my life. I also need something that is very dark and it is something I understand I need but there are few men out there that truly know how to administer to full fill these needs. I also am very sexual and very yielding to the man who takes control over me. I love to please, I love hearing the words “Good Girl”. I am amazed that a man 1700 miles away can have power and control as I need over me THAT far away. I caught “Daddy” up on the life over the year…and where I was at now. “Daddy” said he could help me, again. This time…my pain was deeper so his guidance needed to be stronger over me. He knew this. He told me some guidelines…he likes to be addressed as “Daddy” and his term to me is “slut”. This was the start of some solid and controlled guidance over me, and it is with great appreciation to him as I say the words, “Hello Daddy” as I hear his voice on the phone. His response…”hello slut” in that soft deep soothing voice is so settling and is just what I need at this point in my life. So here I will take opportunity to say…”Thank you Daddy for your time, patience and moments of calm you provide to me”

Now let me give some insight to some content our conversations hold.

I am instructed that I must now ask for permission to pee, no matter where I am or what I am doing I must send a text to ask “Permission to Pee”? If he is busy, then I wait for his response. There have been times He has replied immediately, other times I must simply hold and wait. And then, there are other times though I am told “NO”. It is his choice and decision, if I hurt from the need to pee, it is a pain that he causes therefore his control over me, fine line between pain and pleasure…but the pleasure is incredible!

Another bit of instruction that I now must abide by is? When He calls me I need to be on my knees. As we talk, I remain upon my knees. You know what, He can tell if I am or am not. I again follow this direction with great appreciation of his guidance. At times we have had some lengthy conversations; my knees have been red upon the ending of our conversation.

I also sent a picture of my underwear to “Daddy”. He now chooses the color for me each morning or the eve before my workday. The bra and panties must match. I am missing the blue panties though; I was instructed to send him a pair that I had worn so he could have my scent. In turn, “Daddy” sent me a gift in the mail. I was having a very bad day, I needed something to feel, touch and hold of his. In turn a package containing

a strip of leather , it can fit my wrist on the tightest snap or my ankle on the loosest snap…the word “slave” in silver letters on black leather is a lovely reminder of “HIM”.

These are the steps of his guidance and control over me. Yes, he is 1700 miles away, but deep within me I know I MUST do as told, there is a very deep desire within me to please and he can tell by the tone of my voice, what I have done or have not done. “Daddy” also knows if I am sad…he can hear the quiver in my voice, he can also tell when the tears are ready to fall in sadness. I know there will come a day that he will see my tears, but those tears will be his, the pain he inflicts to cleanse me, creating those tears…thusly creating HIS tears. Along with all I have shared so far….there is one more piece of control over me…my dietary consumption. When I am sad…my intake of nourishment is minimal, basically I starve myself. “Daddy” has a menu from the place I eat most of my meals at, he chooses which category of foods I may eat from or he will give me a specific menu item I must have for that day. Not only does he want my head to be in a better place, he wants me to be healthy. When he visits he can not have me run down and sick, otherwise I will not be able to serve and provide the pleasure he needs of me. If I cannot eat the full meal then I know I need to try to get enough down to provide nourishment but not make me sick. So I follow his directions to a t.

An evening most recently I was so fucking horny. I had not been fucked in about 10 days. My inner being and my sexual craving seem to be rather high. At about day 3, I lose my mind. I get lightheaded and “ditzy”, I lose my train of thought easily. If I have a task at work, I may start it and then quickly lose my direction of what I am doing. YUP this is a horrible thing to happen, but I know myself very well, so I must reach out and find a way to solve this. I share with “Daddy” the state and the turmoil I was in. He states he would call me later he was busy at the moment.. He did though share with me the items I was to have on hand when he returned the call. I gathered the items he requested and then waited for his next call.

I had assembled an empty wine bottle, a safety pin and a candle. The candle was to be lit at a specific time, and then wait for THE call.


He called, and softly yet firmly asked if I was on my knees, answer being YES! All items close to me he then continued in his safe, constant tone over the miles, yet right next to me. The next 40 minutes of time were spent by me listening to his instructions. I was to lean and insert the bottle, slowly fucking a hungry cunt, grinding the bottle upon my clit, slowly inserting it into the now wet cunt. I hover, I feel the wetness, I feel the slow drip of cunt juice drip in anticipation. “Daddy” hears the deep breathing at a faster pace, heavy in lust for the desire of what I feel. Yes, a wine bottle! HIS command though it is tool upon me, HIS control over me, VERY solid complete control over me. At the point am almost at an orgasm by the penetration of this wine bottle, he firmly guides me to take the candle, pour the melted wax upon my nipple, the HEAT is PAINFUL and burns, oh what intensity though! Do you wonder where the safety pin fits into this scene? As I am post orgasm, and in this little dreamy moment, He tells me to take the pin and flick the now solidified wax off my nipple…….the pain of the pin, intensified from the most recent orgasm was, I cannot put the proper description here, and the words do NOT properly convey what I felt. It was VERY intense, IT HURT, it gave pleasure…it eased the pain of my heart, I NEEDED THIS and was so THANKFUL. “Daddy” knew what this “slut” desired and makes her cunt throb and her ass tighten. The previous run on sentence can only show the moment of the run on type of orgasm I felt. I came, held, hovered, and felt pain….how could this sensation be condensed to a single simple sentence. After this, I was instructed to lie down, rest, on the floor, enveloped in the down comforter I love. It was a safe, calming feel as I drifted off to sleep. I cannot thank “Daddy enough for understanding what this “slut” needs, desires and loves to complete the task given.

The pages are being filled with thought and actions of our interactions. I do not want to ramble too long. There is much to share. The interactions of the past guidance and the future meeting will be shared in full soon. I do though feel a bit here and there shared should only be just as that, a bit here and there. The conversations held have been here and there, not all at once. The anticipation is building, so this written reflection should be built a little at a time. SO MUCH to be shared but I will do it in little increments, treat you to the anticipation that I hold daily. The tease, the foreshadowing is what creates the intensity I feel. Upon the arrival of “Daddy” there will be SO MANY experiences I will share, a bit at a time, in time. I so look forward to this meeting, SOON!


Had an awesome weekend filled with fucking and debauchery. Just one snapshot of my weekend was when one of my friends called up and asked me if I was free one Friday evening. I had nothing going on that night.  So I told him what did he have in mind. “Well I got a bad girl for you, a total freak and she want a gangbang. She does it all anal, multiple guys DP she into everything. She is as nasty as they come”. Well I do like nasty, so the date was set for the euro slut to come by the crib.

The night they were supposed to come by we had arranged 5 guys including myself to turn her out. And as usual things don’t always work out as planned I had a booty call in NJ that afternoon me being the Man-Slut that I am couldn’t pass up a horny wife wanting a quickie before her husband got home. As a result I was running late getting back home. And any of you that live in the tri-state area know it is an agonizing slow crawl trying to get throughout the Lincoln tunnel at 6pm. The 8-mile trek took over 2 hours to get back. Needless to say when I got home, I had less than 45 minutes to set up before the slut arrived.

Turns out I did not have to rush nobody is ever on time so as I was changing the sheets putting in new pillow cases my buddy texted me and told she just got to his place and would be to my place in about hour. So I had time to chill have a beer and watch a lil law and order before the festivities.

She was a tall one, bout 5′ 10″ blond and busty she walked the house behind 2 of my friends and nervously looked around and held out her hand to shake and greet me. I pulled her in and kissed her hello on the cheek and asked if she wanted a drink. No I am fine she said. After brief introductions all the way around. She asked where could she change. Ready to fuck huh I said. Oh yes she replied laughing I am very horny. So I directed her to the bathroom while me and the guys waited for her in the bedroom.

When she first arrived she was wearing a pair of nondescript jeans, a top that was pretty inconspicuous. But when she stepped thought the bedroom door it was like whoa! She had thigh high white boots white lacy panties and nothing more, she had a bubble butt meaty thighs she was built for fucking, we wasted no time in pouncing on her. Mr. Ed and me attacked from the front and back. She had 4 hands mauling her and 2 mouths on her hard nipples she just fluttered her eyes and moaned just then the doorbell rang and 2 more guys showed up. I let them in and the party began.
I gave my camera to one of the guys and instructed him to record and then jumped in I scooted on the bed and grabbed her head and stuffed my dick down her throat she gurgled and accepted it greedily she did not talk much, only when instructed to do so but boy was she a grunter and that is all you heard all night moaning grunting and the occasional YES. She was in her element 5 guys there all for one purpose …to fuck her, and fuck her well. She was not there tonight to be wined and dined or romanced she wanted to be fuck hard and rough the rougher the better her cunt got so hot n wet when we started to talk to her dirty and call her a slut whore our bitch for tonight. Each of us took turns ravishing ha mouth with our dicks. Like I said she was built for fucking. She took most of my dick down with no teeth grating. When Mr. Ed said “you know she like it in the ass more than her pussy.” Oh yeah on your knees slut I told her as I lubed up. There was no prep; she took my dick in her ass like a true slut no complaint she in fact pushed back at me. Her ass expand and took all of my dick, she put her face down on the bed and let out a loud guttering moan and said fuck me and I did not hesitate I pounded her ass like it was a pussy and spanked her ass as she came. Her ass was glowing red and all the guys took turns on her now open ass, she was Cumming non-stop. “Let’s DP this bitch” Mr. Ed said as I was taking her ass for the second time. He slid down under her and slipped his dick in her waiting cunt. My dick never left her ass I was doing her doggie, I immediately felt the tightening of her ass and her moans grew one decibel higher. I grabbed on to her shoulders and neck to keep her steady and we both grinded and fucked her till she was screaming I am Cumming.
After we slid off her another guy took my place and started to fuck her in the ass. For the next hour no one took her pussy it was all ass. I was so open anyone could have slid in there very easily. She was in ecstasy. As hard as we pounded her she never once said stop or no it’s too much, she simply opened her legs and gleefully took all the dick that was given to her.
What came next I can only describe as simply amazing. I processed to finger her and make her squirt. Her pussy was soaking wet and slippery I nonchalantly slipped a 3rd finger in her then she grabbed my wrist for a second I thought maybe she had reached her limits and was pushing my hand away but I was wrong so very wrong. She wanted the exact opposite. She used my arm like a balancing pole and steadied her self planted both feet on the bed and lunged her cunt onto my finger. Them I knew what she wanted. Lubed was poured on to my hand and I pushed in deeper. In all my fucking I have never been able to get pass the knuckles in a woman but this one was determined to take all of me and like magic my hand disappeared in her. Not only did it cover my wrist but also I was actively fisting and fucking her with my forearm. You could see the pleasure in her eyes when she was beginning to cum and scream, then Mr. Ed put 4-finger sin her ass and we double fisted fuck her.
-B. Max.

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