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We have added two more sites to the Killercram family. The first on is home of interracial amateur sluts and swingers. See some of the raunchiest and sexiest hotwives I have filmed in pure raw action. The content is available in streaming and downloadable formats and stretches over a course of 10 years. I produce and edit my own videos so it’s all home grown. In addition, after joining this site, you will have access to the other websites at no extra cost! and





The second site is it  your ultimate source for amateur black sluts. I have selected videos of some of the most sexy, juicy-assed black sluts my friends and I have fucked over the last 10 years. Watch as these horny, big booty sluts get used in all their holes and beg for more. I produce and edit my own content so it is all home grown. In addition to joining the you will have access to and as well, at no extra cost!




B. Max

Big Max Banging the MILFs 32

We don’t quit. We are now on number 32 in Big Max Banging the MILFs series. 124 scenes so far on DVD. In Number 32 we have 6 naughty Hot-wives doing their thing with yours truly Big Max.

Starting off we have the conclusion of my hook up with Miriam from MBM#31 Its the first time i fucked her raw and she wanted to get bred her IUD was out so i pounded her and gave her the cream she wanted.My main girl Angelica Winters is also here. I had a shoot set up got a hotel room and the girl flaked… so fuck it. Me and Angelica took advantage of the room got busy I took her anally and fucked her to a quivering heap.

Next up sweet Jane. I met her several years back and had not spoken to her in about 6 years. I bumped into her at Exxxotica and we decided to get reacquainted. She had not lost her touch she got a fast nut out of me.

The one any only Leilani is also back, this Petite fire-cracker really gets me going this is why she is on so many of my DVDs.

We also have a newcomer A fan, a nurse actually that lives in RI she drove all the way to NYC because, not enough Black men that live in her town and she craved BBC. Her husband contacted me and asked if i could fuck his wife. The vid speaks for it self.

Finally we have another new girl named Sadie. I was only the second guy she has shot with so she is Brand new. On this scene i was producer n director and worked behind the camera. I let a new talent Ludus Adonis fuck her. It was so hot I wound up fucking her privately after the shoot.


Swingers Promotion

Lot of folks have asked how do i meet other swingers or get into the lifestyle whether they are a couple or a single. I have always had luck with this site Maybe it might work for you too. They are offering a free trial membership to try them out. Just use the PROMO CODE 25711 Good luck




Introducing Sadie

My buddy, Mike Dirty, introduced me to a new Slut named Sadie. A very cute 30-something new-comer with a  bubbly personality. We starting chatting a couple weeks ago, and it turns out she is a late bloomer and ready to try anything. She had been in relationships all her life and was now finally free to discover what she really likes… and it turn out she loves dick especially big dick, and lots of it. She was ready to prove it, and in fact, so was I. To shoot with her, I got a new talent named @LudusAdonis. It was a very snowy day so he was running late. So it gave me some time to spend with this sexy slut before he showed up.


She had no qualms about taking off her clothes in front of me, showing off the sexy lingerie she had brought in her suitcase. Next thing you know she is sucking my dick, anxious to show me what a good slut she was. How eager she was to please a man. Although I am trying to do more producing as opposed to being in front the camera I couldn’t help but to turn on the camera and get a couple strokes in her before Ludus showed up for the shoot. She was wet before I even put my dick in her. Just when it started to get good, the hotel doorbell rang and Ludus was there.


It was only after introduction and small talk I realized Mike had been her very first shoot and I was her second. For someone new, she preformed like a pro, and was very eager to do more. She and Ludus preformed very well. I was impressed with both of them. So look out her upcoming debut on or on DVD (I haven’t decided where to release her first). In the mean time here are some stills and a clip from the shoot enjoy.



New DVDs from Killercram March 2015

Hi All This I Big Max and it been a while since i have updated the Blog. I believe this is the first one for 2015. There 3 new DVDs at our store I hope you guys enjoy


Big Max Banging the Milfs No. 31 continue in the tradition of the series. Max Meeting real white wives that have a love for black men. In vol. 31 Max travels to Florida to meet these hot wives. 4 Naughty wives on this DVD. All amateurs these are shot POV style with not much consideration for lighting. Just the love of fucking and the spontaneous of the moment took presence over all else in this DVD. Four wives are in this DVD


Chery is wife that threw caution to the wind and decided she wanted shoot porn after years of watching it. Miriam the second slut is a former schoolteacher. who now wants to be exclusively fucked by black men. Alicia the 3rd slut on the list convinced Max to visit her after seeing his vids online hers was a midnight bareback booty call. The 4th slut Max Met at a bar after corresponding a number of months Click here to get your copy



Housewives gone rogue 14 is finally finished and its a good one. Another 4 hot wives get blacked
and creamed-pied First one up is a slut who will remain anonymous wanted Max to set up a mini
ganging for her during exxxotica 2014 NJ and she got what she wanted 3 studs to fuck her and
leave her pussy full of cum. Next up is a another anonymous blonde wife who wanted to experience her first DP and Big Max and Black Magic delivered She really gets her ass open. Sweet Jane is a
thick assed Latina Max Has known for years She gets ass fucked and cream-pied by D. Wise.
Finally we have one of our favorite Slut Leilani and she get double fucked by Big max and
Puzzy Bandit in a 3 way session. Click here to get your copy



The sluts next door volume 21 manages to get 6 action packed scenes in this 2-hour video. Introducing in her first ever video Lexi gets a taste of D. Wise. It is her first video ever and she handles it like a pro and urged D. Wise to give her his load inside her married pussy and D delivers. The hooded slut is none other than Angelica winters In a Morning Romp with her daddy Big Max. Angelica Winter is also on a second scene with sexy Latina Sweet Jane, These nymphs slut eat each out till they explode. D. Wise has also has a second appearance on this DVD he and Unyque fuck and Double Penetrate BBW Lyla Everwett this slut can suck some dick, not to be missed. Speaking of Sucking Dick Canadian Import Sophie Rose Gives Big max a super wet sloppy BJ. We defiantly will be seeing more of her in the future. Finally one of our favorite MILFs Leilani Lei and Puzzy Bandit have a hot fuck session in Nylon. Click here to get your copy


Vicky wants daddy to GangBang her again

Letter one of my sluts sent me after our session

My daddy,

Thank you for today—You really used my young, tiny body & fucked my pussy, mouth & ass so deep. I appreciate your lessons in submission especially as I prepare for your birthday GB (from 6pm to 10pm) You are amazing!!

With your approval, can you please send the paragraph below, of what I will be VERY willing to do at the GB to your friends (below)?

I, Vicki — Max’s slut —- promise  to wear lacy thongs, very high heels & thi-highs, get insulted (called a whore & slut) spit on & degraded, allow my arms and/or legs bound with rope, handcuffs and/or tape, wear a dog collar, get videotaped & pictures taken of me for your personal use, get my face fucked until I gag, lick ass, swallow loads of cum, get my pussy fucked raw & very hard in any position, get my ass fucked raw & very hard in any position, get golden shower (s), get slapped & spanked, take a deep DP, take (my first) double anal and or triple penetration, take no more than one 5-min break every 45 minutes, only speak when spoken to, be a very submissive whore & be generally willing to do ANYTHING to make you happy


New DVDs from Killercram


Those crazy Milfs are at it again doing the nasty thing you love to see. This is Housewives gone rouge 13 and it a special treat we have on deck the very sexy sultry Rita Daniels she starts off with Dee Wise and then take on 3 more BBC for a 4 man Gang-Bang including her first on film DP every man unloads their spunk on Rita willing mouth and ass.

We also have sexy Latina Krista Lust taking on big dick Johnson McDangle, this sassy slut has unbelievable head game and can touch her nose with her tongue. Johnson unload a massive load all over her ass.

What can i say about Alannah Gates this i a smoking sexy submissive slut that loves to fuck such a pretty face and a sexual drive to match, Just hearing her moan can give you a hard-on, Lil freak never gets soft while fucking her, he explodes deep in her filling her married pussy with black seed.

2 other scene are from Max personal collection sexy sluts that saw my vids online and wanted to have a go including a hairy slut that wanted to experience BBC for the first time. So she cheated on her lesbian lover to see me. She was not used to dick and was the fastest cummer have ever seen. She still like girls but it will not be her last visit. Finally a Blonde I met in Fla, invited me to her home. Me and her husband fucked her all night this is truly a home made movie with little editing. I love seeing this Milf every time I visit the sunshine state.



The sluts next door are always naughty No. 20 is no exception 5 scenes in an all new DVD. First up is the sexy Lula 19 years old but can take dick like a pro this Petite lil slut gets dicked down by two BBC.

The next slut up to bat is Teri in her first ever interracial scene. Very shy at first but was soon moaning and begging for cum she was rewarded with a creampie.

Krista Lust is a force to be reckoned with with a tongue so long it touched her nose. she gives Kris Didurho a Blowjob he wont soon forget. A naughty Latina wanted a bukakae before going to a swing party and i was there to capture it in all it’s nastiness.

Dug this one up from my Archives, as I recalled this south American slut spoke no English and her husband had to translate to me but she need no translation on how to take dick a super squirter.

Finally Angelica Winters Sub slut does as she is told she takes on 2 BBC: J. Royal and Frank Steed and they tag team her all night she has an ass that can go forever. time 2hours



After a Long Hiatus Big Max is Back with the popular series Big Max Banging the MILFs no. 30 with a couple new-comers horny everyday suburban wives that want a piece of Max and have an insatiable lust for BBC just real wives getting fucked. 6 scenes 2 hours of condom free fucking and breeding Sexy Leilani Lei is back always a pleasure to fuck. Also introducing someone you will see more of: Krista Lust. This sexy Latina has a tongue that can touch her nose and give u a nasty BJ that will curl your toes. My personal slut Angelica Winters is also on this feature taking it anally. finally there is young Brooklyn love that has a sexy ass that made come so fast. total time 2 hours.


you can purchase you copies here KILLERCRAMDVD.COM

My First Interracial


I have never dreamed about writing out my experiences, now I do not know how I could not.

I looked into a gangbang with black men. It was the first of its kind for me, with multiple partners as well as the whole interracial aspect. It was so unlike me. I know people say that, but seriously it is wrong in so many ways of my upbringing. In all honesty, my family would understand multiple partners before understanding going outside your race. The taboo is an amazing aphrodisiac that can easily persuade. I decided I was going to see if I could actually do it. If I could let black men fuck me.


I looked into the matter and found a group that set up gangbangs. I was asked to a public meeting to discuss, but I chose not to have a meeting and went straight to the session. I did not want to change my mind. When I decided to have an interracial fuck, it came to me that I should do it right, that I should be shared. The way I saw it if I had one black cock in me what did two matter. Over many discussions I was convinced to try four. I never put myself outside my own comfort zone but this time it is what I needed.

Continue reading

Hotwife BBC Blow Jobs


I was recently invited to a party a friend of mine throws every now and then. It was a pretty cool party. Now these are not your regular run of the mill party, we are talking about a swing party where sexy couples and a handful of singles let their inhibitions go and fuck their brains out. Usually these are held in hotel suites. Normally I don’t go to these parties I done so much of them years ago, been there done that. I much prefer smaller groups settings. But I was personally invited by one of my fuck buddies it was her birthday and the party was for her. I could not pass up an opportunity to tap her ass once more. She informed me she had a private room at the hotel and if I got there early she would give me an appetizer before the party ;)

Well I got to her room and she did not disappoint after 2 shots of tequila me and her husband gave a hard fucking to start off her birthday. We got to the party fashionably late she immediately got on a bed and started to take on guys after all it was her birthday, I poured myself another drink and mingled. The party had a pretty good mix of people I wound up seeing a lot of folks I had not seen in a while (its a small world in swinging). While I was chatting with a couple I got a tap on my shoulder I was very surprised it was couple I have known for years but we have not seen each other in a while. The female half of the couple had a very special connection with me. I was the first black man she ever fucked and oh boy it was a can of worms I opened up with her lol. When I first met them she was very shy and I had seen her and her husband at different parties as a couple they never really played, just observing others have fun. But after I Popped her BBC cherry she could not get enough BBC usually taking on multiple men. No longer shy I had seen her at other parties since it was always hot to see her do her thing. She gave me a hug I grabbed her ass squeezed it and gave her a light tap. Her hand instinctively when to my crotch.

She slid down my body her hand making a trail down my chest till it reached my belt buckle. I love my life I muttered to my self. After she freed my dick from my pants she went to work giving me a wet nasty BJ This lady truly enjoyed sucking dick, unhindered by the small crowd gathering around us she went on unashamed with her spit drooling down the corners of her mouth. She only relinquished my dick to get air. When she got up she said, “I am horny” No kidding I laughed. She them said, “we have a room down the hallway, do you have your camera?” Yes I always carry it with me. Good the said and she took me by the hand led me away and said, “I want to get gang-banged tonight and I want you to film it.” So me and a couple guys followed her to her room, so the clip below is just what happened.

the full version will be in the sluts next door members section later this month


The sluts next door vol.19



The Sluts Next Door volume 19 is here and hot off the press. 5 sexy sluts are crammed into this hot DVD 3 of the girls making their debut on SND. One is a hot sexy Masked MILF I have known for years and she finally took the plunge, I popped her video cherry ;) Her husband filmed me Fucking his wife and filing her with black seed.

Megan Rae is a hot sexy-ass fit big booty MILF that has never fucked a black man before. And it safe to say I left an impression. She will be back. Her ass is sexy as fuck and can take a pounding.

Kayleigh May is a young sexy nerdy slutty nympho that loves to get fucked and it shows on camera, no acting here just pure lust she has a hell of a booty too. Plus she lives near me so you can bet you be seeing more of her. Be sure to check her upcoming site

What can I say about Hazel Allure this slut love to suck dick she giving me one of the wettest and sloppiest BJs i have ever had she is a hell of a fuck too. She also gets a cream pie filling.

One of my favorite Fla. MILF Leilani Lei is becoming a regular here on SND She proves why she is one of my favorites. If you don’t get turned on by one of her screaming orgasm you need to check you pulse. Total time 2 hours

Click here to get your copy

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