Madison Leigh is at it again. This time her client is Ludus Adonis. Since lapdances are her specialty. She gives Ludus one he won't soon forget. After a hard day everyone need some sort of release.

Madison Leigh Vs Ludus Adonis 11/18/17

This is truly a throw-back this scene first appears on The Sluts Next Door Volume 6. This was when retired pornstar/actress Porscha Ride was in her prime. She and Mr. Beefstixxx have real chemistry he starts off using a condom. But Porscha pussy was so good... he ditches the condom have way though. Did I Mention Porscha loves it in the ass.

Porshcha Ride Throw-Back 11/18/17

Gina decides to take 2 guys upstairs and continue the party, getting DPed in the process Hearing all the commotion upstairs after fucking Sienna I decided to take a closer look and join the party.

Bachehor Party Pt2 11/2/17