Back when I lived in NYC I met an Italian couple we spent 3 fun-filled days fucking this takes place on one of those days actually the first day. The husband was the translator because his wife did not speak a word of English, but she knew how to communicate what she wanted btwn her legs. After dinner I went back with them to their hotel room. I will just let the vid speak for itself.

Max and the Italian Couple 1/2/18

Sara has a plumbing problem and only a certian type of specialist can take care on her leaking problem. She call up Me (the Maintenance guy) to take a closer look. Little did I know the Problem was not under the sink, but under her dress.

Throw-Back Max n Sara Swirls 1/2/18

Hotwife Kay absolutely loves gangbangs, especially with BBC. It is the thing she craves.Ths scene was submitted to me by my good buddy Jay Royal. Highlighting a recent session with Kay with some of the brothers. She takes on 3 BBC this time

Hotwife Kay 3some 12/3/17