I was in Atlanta shooting some videos with the VP Group. There was a lot of downtime waiting for the room to be ready to shoot in. During that time I had my camera in hand, I decided to try interview some of the girls before we shot. being the horndog I am these turned into the BJ sessions.

Manda & Julie Blows Max 11/13/18

When your dick is swollen and balls are tight and you want sweet release there is only one nurse to call "nurse" Christina Sapphire. She is skilled in the sweet art of edging till you beg to cum as Roc experiences this first-hand.

Nurse Christina Therapy 10/8/18

This is Part 2 of My meeting Seka Black for the first time. We had dinner that night after fucking and got back to the hotel room for a second round to end the night and that was the end of it or so I thought... Unexpectedly I got a call From Seka the next day. "Do you mind coming over again tonight and fuck me."

Seka Black & Big Max Pt 2 10/8/18