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Megan Rae 9/30/15

Hazel Allure is a sexy seductive slut. I met her through a mutual friend. First time i met her I wanted to fuck her. She looks so sweet and innocent but is one of the nastiest sluts I know, she waste no time and get down to business. The first time i proposed we shoot together was at a BBQ i was hosting. she grabbed my crotch in front of all my friends and whispered in my ear "lets do it now" this is what happen a week later.

Hazel Allure 9/30/15

Moe the Monster and Jonny Slim came by the crib to to pick up some videos we had shot earlier in the week. They brought with them this sexy Australian slut. She was here in the USA on holiday and had an interest in Black men. She was not there to shoot... just to hang out. Needless to say I was mesmerized by her crazy Phat ass I gave Jonny the camera and said fuck it lets do a video.

Jenn 9.16.15