It was a rainy night and eros was staying at his best friends house. After his friend went to bed Eros sneaked into his friend's mom room Manda and proceeded to seduce her with BBC

Manda & Eros 12/6/18

Jasmin was able to sneak away for another rendezvous With Me at another Motel. I was driving through near her town Called her up. "Sure I can spare a couple hours. I will take a vacation day tomorrow" So I got a room n spent the day fucking her.

Jasmin & Max at the Motel Again 12/6/18

I was in Atlanta shooting some videos with the VP Group. There was a lot of downtime waiting for the room to be ready to shoot in. During that time I had my camera in hand, I decided to try interview some of the girls before we shot. being the horndog I am these turned into the BJ sessions.

Manda & Julie Blows Max 11/13/18