I (Max) has to teach Eden Blows a Lesson in respect. This slut had a lot of back talk and attitude. She was a feisty one and needed a strong hand to hold her down and fuck hard n good. And Boy did we fuck this sexy BBW had a nice Bubble Butt and Loved her BBC. we kept fucking long after the Shoot was done.

Site Update 8/20/14 Max & Eden Blow

Site Update 9/19/14 Another throw-back vid Max Hires Slut Momo as his masseuse then one thing leads to another... well you get the picture -Max

Site Update 8/20/14 Max & Momo Massage

One of Big Max and Porscha very first encounters This vixen Loved BBC in fact that's all she fucked. There is no faking with her, you can hear and feel when she cums. We spent to whole afternoon fucking on and off camera. This Nympho is a treat to watch fucking.

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