Rough Fuck 2

I am heading out to Vegas next week but before I leave I thought I would drop a video of an encounter I had recently.

Three weeks ago, my buddy called me up and told me his wife was craving black dick she loved what happened to her the last time she was at my place. (rough fuck). In his words she is horny as hell and needs to be slutted out. I had work to do that night but he was persuasive, plus an opportunity to fuck her again was much more compelling than finishing up my work.

So it it was arranged that they would come and see me that night. Anyone that has been to my place knows parking is a bitch. So I waited a bit for them 15 minutes after they were due to arrive I got a knock on my door, I expected to see them both but it was just her. Where is your husband? I asked. Oh he could not find parking near by so he dropped me off so I would not have walk so far in heels plus I am freezing she coolly told me. It was cold outside so I ushered her in. After taking off her coat i realized why she was so cold, she had thigh high boots and a skirt that barley covered her ass. She was wearing a thin black sweater and her nipples were straining against them. She did not dress warmly, she dressed to get fucked. I Sat her down and fixed a Cognac prepared neat, after she took a long sip she looked at me a said so how have you been. I looked back at her and said am good but you are not here for small talk. You know what I need i replied. Not one word was uttered when she put her drink down and moved closer. I unbuckled my belt.

I grabbed her by the back of her neck. With very little resistant I pushed her face to my crotch and said suck my dick bitch I heard a quiet moan of acceptance when her warm soft lip encircled my dick head. There was no need to push her head down hard she was bopping up and down like a pro my hand merly rested on the back of her head reassuring her who’s dick she was sucking and I could force her anytime. The ringing of the doorbell broke the spell and startled us both, she re-adjusted herself on the couch but not bothering to fix her clothes or wipe the excessive drool that was dripping from her mouth she just layed there with her skirt half hiked up panties pulled aside and a look of pure lust on her face

I open the door for her husband. He saw me struggling to keep my pants up as I let him in. So you started with the slut huh he said. Damn straight I said. He chuckled and said she been horny all week. We sat on the couch; me next to his wife him on the other side, he said I am gonna roll a blunt you want some. Hell yeah! I said as his wife reached for my pants again. I took my pants off and started to fuck his wife’s face again. We passed the joint amongst us. She alternated with smoking and sucking my dick. She was horny alright she had not waited for her husband she knew what she was there for what her roll was.

She had her legs splayed open while I mounted her face talking to her dirty n nasty going in and out of her mouth fucking it like a pussy. She was making gurgling sounds she knew how to suck a dick she gummed her teeth giving me maximum pleasure. Before she knew what was happening her, her husband took a baseball bat I had laying around a started to insert and fuck her cunt with it. She did not even care. There she was taking a small bat up her pussy with my dick in her mouth. Her pussy was wet and dripping her long hanging pussy lips hugged that bat like she owned it she was being stretch to her capacity. Then I decided it was time to fuck her. Get up slut I barked at her, “bend over, and no not on the couch stand up and grab your ankles. The only way you are not gonna fall is to push back on me” I gleefully told her. Then I spread her ass cheeks and spit on her asshole rubbed my dick head on her shaking rosesbud grabbed her thighs and shoved my raw dick up her ass and fucked the way I know she needed it she wanted it hard and rough. She Yelled “fuck me hard Oh GOD Fuck me I love it” . She wanted no kissing or tenderness she got that from her husband. She wanted an Alfa male fuck n use her one that was not afraid to slap her to correct her when she was not doing as told. And like a true submissive slut she corrected her self after I slapped her a couple times. There was no hesitation when I pulled out of her ass and told her to suck my dick. She jumped on my dick like it was the sweetest tasting candy. I decided I would leave her pussy alone that night and fuck her ass all night.

-B. Max

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    That shit is fucking HOT. Got my dick hard and asshole puckering. It’s like being fucked all the way around w/o being touched. SO FUCKING HOT

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