From Fantasy To Reality

A couple years ago my husband and I were browsing pics and Vids of profiles on an online swinging site. My husband called me over and said, “You have to see the profile of this guy Big Max”. As I look through the profile I see Max a handsome black man with a huge cock. Max is fucking white women in his videos and pictures, I am intrigued instantly. I go on to watch more of the clips the more I watch the wetter I get. By the time I stumble onto the next clip my pussy is soaked, I watch as Max is fucking a beautiful woman, Max pulls his dick out of the woman and cums on and in her pussy, and then pushes his dick inside of her and continues to fuck her. At this point I am near orgasm myself, surprised that I hadn’t exploded already as this clip is one of the HOTTEST I had ever seen. Mind racing and clit throbbing beyond control I cum replaying this image in my mind over and over. I know without a doubt that I want to be the woman in the video and the thought crosses my mind that I should contact Max but have second thoughts about it as I live in Chicago and he in NYC.

As time passes I am maneuvering my way through the hotwife lifestyle. Finding that only black men can satisfy the sexual needs and desires that I have. Experiencing the basic attraction and dynamic between a married white woman and a black man is spellbinding, pure eroticism. In the back of my mind is always the clip of Max Cumming in and on a pretty pink pussy. I continue to keep updated on Max’s profile and watch my favorite clip. Then one day I stumble upon his blog, I quickly begin to read the entries and find there are hot videos and pics to visually aid each story…. I’m in heaven. I introduce the blog to everyone I know in the lifestyle, I think most of the men in my life were tired of hearing about Big Max!!

This spring I found myself networking the lifestyle looking for couples and other women who share in my interests through online social networks. I of course follow Max @KillerCram and meet tons of people. One day I see Max conversing about ME! I froze immediately, and then noticed I had a direct message that said call me with his number. I was not only in shock but speechless. It’s one thing to admire someone from afar but to talk in person?!? My hands were sweaty and my heart racing. I honestly wasn’t sure what to do as I knew the minute we started to converse I would want Max deep in my pussy, I would want Max to make me one of his Sluts.

I call him and he answers I immediately recognize his accent. I’m nervous and giggling like a little girl. Talking to Max was easy and we had a lot in common. He made me at ease and our conversation flowed freely. We talked about his upcoming visit and how we should get together. Many of our conversations got deep and usually involved me cumming to his commands, fingers deep in my wet pussy while he called me his Slut. As Max’s visit grew closer I grew more excited and anxious.

When I met Max at the airport we quickly hugged and kissed, I was dressed in my business attire as I had cut my workday short to pick him up. I was dressed in a black skirt suit, blouse and fishnet stockings (something I wear often) no panties of course. When we were finally alone in my car he reached between my legs, to see if I had any panties on and like a good Slut I did not. Max’s hands on me make me instantly wet reminiscent of the nights we spent talking about how he planned to own my pussy, make me take his huge cock and use me like the Slut that I am. As I’m driving my hands are trembling with anticipation.

Finally in our room alone Max commands my lips on his big dick. I stroke him lovingly and enjoy every inch of his dick in my mouth. My pussy is wet, I can feel the wetness dripping down my legs as I suck and stroke him. My clit throbbing and swelling as Max tells me I’m such a good Slut, made to suck big black cock. Max Spanks my ass and tells me to get on all fours; I’m still fully dressed in my business suit sex fluids soaking my clothes. I wait…. Ass in the air for the penetration I’ve been craving, fantasizing about for over a year. My legs are trembling, heart racing as I feel his huge cock enter my pussy, slowly, deeper and deeper he goes I’m moaning in pleasure, enthralled in ecstasy and cum quickly. Max continues to fuck my tight pink pussy hard and deep, he tells me what a Slut I am leaving work early to fuck him, pain and pleasure wash over me as I orgasm over and over. Max knows I enjoy being dominated and spanks me firmly as I cum increasing the intensity of my orgasm. Max flips me over on my back and spreads my long legs tracing the shape of my legs in fishnets with his hands. He spreads my legs wide and drives his huge dick deep into my pussy I feel myself tighten up on his cock and am completely lost in pure pleasure, I start to cum, I feel my pussy pulsating on his dick and I cannot stop cumming, my pussy has taken control over my body. I take a few deep breaths and try to relax but the orgasms just hit me one after the other I can’t stop, Max pulls his cock out of me and bangs my pussy with his fingers and hand, pounding my G spot until I orgasm out of control, I squirt harder and more forcefully then ever before leaving me exhausted, wasted in a puddle of my own fluids.

Max helps me up and is undressing me down to my stockings. He is talking to me but I’m lost in my own sexual bliss to hear what he is saying, he mastered my body to the point that I felt like I was floating, not within my body anymore. I tell Max I have to use the washroom and he asks me would I rather use the washroom or feel his dick deep inside my pussy. As I’m standing I bend over and spread my pussy for him to freely enter. He shoves his big black cock into me with no hesitation. He fucks me harder with each thrust and has me begging for more. All along Max is telling me what a Slut I am choosing cock over using the washroom. Max moves me to the dry bed and bends me over. He tells me that I deserve a spanking for being such a nasty Slut, suddenly I feel his hands spanking my ass, hard not in a playful manner. I hear the crack of his palms against my ass while he simultaneously is plunging his dick deep inside me. I feel the sting of the smack but the pleasure of him stretching and banging the inner walls of my womb the combination of the pain and pleasure heightens with each smack. Tears start to well up in my eyes as I feel my body surrendering to him in complete bliss. Max lays me on my stomach and pounds my pussy harder as another wave of orgasms wash over me, Max bites down on the back of my shoulder, leaving his mark on me unleashing a pure animalistic flood of emotion. At that point Physically I knew that Max owned me….. But I think he knew that all along. 


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    Damn,Damn,Damn,i wish i was Big Max…snowbunny got me horny as fuck! Great story,so HOTTT!

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