Max Meets Abby

Here is a story written By Abby Lynn a new slut I recently met. The video clip below is a snapshot of our adventure.
My journey with Max started about 8 months ago. My husband and I have been playing around with the lifestyle for quite a while on and off because of my resistance.  It was exciting but went against what I was all about.  My husband is the most sexual person I have ever had a relationship with.  I have never had a guy make me cum the way he can.  Like I said we have been dabbling in the swing lifestyle for a while.  Experimented with a couple of friends.  Wasn’t the right way to go in hindsight.  
One day last spring my husband said there is this guy Big Max you have to read about.  I was like ok I will.  He finally put the computer in front of me because he knows what I like and said, “You need to read this”.  I did.  I was wet while I was reading it.  I was playing with myself by the time I was done.  I needed to fuck my husband after that like I never had.  Not long after that I met Max.  
We went on a beautiful summer Sunday afternoon in August.  I was so nervous.  I was in a strapless top no bra, skirt, no panties, and cute leopard peep toe sandals.  We parked the car.  Walked a couple of blocks and there we were at Max’s loft.  I was so wet the whole ride.  My husband kept feeling between my legs and I was soaked.  We rang Max’s bell he opened it and that was it.  We walked in, this was the first time we had all met.  I was so nervous.  He offered me water, which I needed desperately.  He immediately loved what he was looking at.  He took my top down played with my nipples.  Lifted my skirt and was floored by how wet I was.  He wanted to take us upstairs where we had one of the most erotic and sexually satisfying afternoons I have ever had.  
Since there we had tried to get together several times which didn’t work out until two weeks ago.  My husband was going away and we had been talking about doing a video.  Hubby was just starting to get to know someone to hook up with and I don’t know honestly if jealously played a bit or just a slap of reality that here I have this great guy I am married to and I want to do something for him.  We had talked about me doing a video for a while since we met Max.  If I was going to do it I wouldn’t want anyone except Max doing it.  He is the ultimate gentleman, doesn’t push unless he knows you can handle it.  So with my husband on board we decided I would do a video while hubby was away.  
I arranged a night with Max after work.  Put myself on a train to his place, lace blouse, shelf bra, stockings no crotch, skirt which I was told I should wear and sneakers to not look like the whore I was.  I showed up at his place, he had the camera out filming me immediately, sneakers and all.  But when he found out I rode the subway without panties, he was intrigued and needed to get me upstairs to see me.  
Once upstairs I sat on his bed, spread my legs as I was told so Max could see how wet I was and as predicted I was soaked.  He was pleasantly surprised and turned on.  After the formalities we were on our way.  We sent a nice picture of how wet I was to my husband so he could see how turned on his wife was and then started on the video that I was so nervous and turned on to make.  Max made me play with myself for a bit then he slid his cock into me.  It was so hot, so big I had my legs spread and came almost instantly.  The rest I will keep to myself, my husband and of course my big black cock I am always a slut for.  All I will share is that it is one of the most erotic encounters have experienced.  
My relationship has done a 180 with my husband.  I have become the most sensual, sexual me I have ever felt.  We have had so much fun since being with Max again.  I can’t wait until our next encounter with Max with my husband there to watch how Max can turn me out sexually.  I can’t thank you enough husband of mine and Max for bringing out the inner slut you both knew was there.  I look forward to our next chapter.
-Abby Lynn

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