A Night of Many First

Here is a true story written by a new slut I recently met. It got me hard reading and remembering the details of our encounter. Enjoy.
I will dedicate 2 sentences to describe myself and my life before Daddy. Because, that’s all I feel it deserves. I’ve been with my husband for 24 years; I am a 40 year old mother of 6, beautiful, sarcastic, fun, sweet and in love with life. My sexual experience was NEVER about ME, ALWAYS about HIM, no foreplay, NEVER ate my pussy and I can count on my fingers how many times he made me cum. I am a married cheating whore.
My Daddy, I first met when I was 12, he lived 2 doors down from me. We did crazy kid shit together, even back then he was a bad boy. My favorite pastime, stealing his Mom’s car when she was asleep and joyriding at night until there was just enough gas to get back into the driveway. Just shy of his 18th birthday, he joined the Marines and I didn’t hear from him for 25 years. A few months back he messaged me  “Hello Smiley” on Facebook, within 5 days of talking to him, He was my Daddy and I his slut in training.
See Daddy LOVES the Naughty stuff…ALL of it.  He had seen Max in a few adult movies on XHAMSTER. He searched him out on Swappernet.com and he responded right away to the email I sent him. Right off the bat, I could tell Max was genuine, down to earth and easy to talk to. We chatted for a few weeks, as did he and Daddy. He was respectful of my boundaries and knew I was owned. YES, I am an OWNED SLAVE. I do whatever Daddy tells me to, because he knows what’s best for me. He knows every deep dark secret, every need  and desires  of mine.
The three of us knew we were all going to meet at some point, but our schedules were crazy. This past weekend, I had plans with Daddy to go to a local swingers club. I had never even set foot in one before, so this whole experience was…I won’t even say scary because I was not scared AT all. It was more overwhelming. I was anxious, but at the same time nervous about disappointing Daddy. The idea that I was going there to possibly suck another man’s cock, or eat another woman’s pussy, any encounter with a stranger, was exciting. It was hard to fathom that Daddy would be WATCHING me do this, and be okay with it. The mere fact that I didn’t know who it was going to be was agonizing. From what Daddy told me, you just kind of mingle with people, and then if you click with someone, you just either invite them over to the couches or beds and start fooling around. (YES, there were beds in this club, with couches around them, so people can watch you FUCK).
So Daddy and I get there a little early, the place is almost empty. People are slowly arriving, mostly couples and a few single men. Daddy tells me to give him my underwear, so I lift up my skirt and pull them off. I am so fucking excited at this point, I can feel how wet my pussy is getting. There are at least 10 flat screen  televisions  with a different porn movie on each one, the music is pumping and I am horny as hell. Daddy is doing a great job of teasing the hell out of me with anticipation. We are sitting at a bar table with high stools and every once in a while, he would slide his fingers into my wet cunt, just to see how excited I was. He was checking out the door behind me an awful lot, but I didn’t realize why at the time.
You see, Daddy had a surprise for me that night. I heard the bouncer behind me yell out of nowhere, “Hey Guy, your friend is here…some black dude.” My hair stood up on the back of my neck, because now I KNEW something was going to happen, and soon. My first thought was, Daddy does NOT have any friends that know about his lifestyle, and certainly none that know about me. My heart is pounding out of my chest at this point because I know whoever walks back in with Daddy; I am going to get fucked by, no questions asked. At the same time, you have to know, my fantasy is a gangbang, at least 5 guys, any color, shape, whatever, including my Daddy. So I wanted this. This would be my first time with 2 men one of which was apparently black and I am fucking loving that he planned this whole night for me.
Daddy walks back to the table, I didn’t want to turn around and look to see who he was with. I felt a presence behind me and as soon as he spoke, I knew it was Max. “You know who I am?” he said.
 “Yes” I said laughing. I just looked over at Daddy and smiled.
We talked for a few and Max asked me to stand so he could take a look at me. I turned all around so he could drink me in, so to speak. When I went to sit back down Max looks over at Daddy and says let me check out that pussy. He lifts my skirt and slips his fingers into my wetness. He says to Daddy, “She is dripping.” He says “I know” and smiles. “Wow, are you always this wet?” Max asks.
 “Yes, I said, since I have been with Daddy.”
Max grabs my hand and puts it on his pants and I feel his huge cock come to life. I looked over at Daddy and smiled. “It’s okay Baby, go ahead” he said. So I start rubbing both of them at the same time. Max unzips his pants and pulls out his huge black cock. I am so excited now because I hear Daddy unzipping his pants too; I take hold of both their dicks and start stroking them softly. Daddy looks me straight in the eyes and says “You know what you have to do.”  I bent over in front of Max and took Daddy all the way down my throat. Max is rubbing my pussy and I am slowly stroking his cock at the same time. I look up at Daddy and he says, “Our friend needs some attention too.” So I turn around and Start sucking Maxes Big Black cock! I feel my skirt go all the way up my back and Daddy slid himself right into my pussy.  I don’t even remember what I was thinking, but it certainly wasn’t anything other than THIS I SO FUCKING HOT! I HOPE EVERYONE IN THE PLACE IS WATCHING US!!!
After a few minutes we decided to go over to the couches. They both sit next to each other and I kneel before them and start sucking cock, which by the way is my FAVORITE thing to do. I sucked both of them off equally, trying to keep attention between both, when I wasn’t sucking I was stroking the other. They had pulled my skirt all the way up exposing my whole ass to everyone that was watching, which I was told was a sizeable group of at least 25-30 people.  My pussy must have been glistening in the lights because I was a sloppy wet mess. I took their balls in my mouth, they were both so lubed up with my saliva, I couldn’t stop for over an hour. It was so amazing. Then they told me to come and sit up between them.  Each of them grab one of my legs and spread me open wide and played with my pussy for everyone to see; all the while pulling on my tits and finger fucking me, I felt like I was going to explode but I knew I had to ask if I could cum first. Daddy didn’t hesitate and said “YES, let it out Baby, they all want to hear you cum.” So out it came, I let go and came hard. I felt like I was screaming, I could have been, but knowing that I was being watched made it so much more hot. I felt radiant, I don’t know if that is even the right word, but I was glowing. So we all sit up and kind of looked at each other and said what’s next? Where are we going to fuck??? I know both of them held back and didn’t cum while I was giving them head. They decide we should go back to Daddy’s house for my “training”. The 10 minute drive to his house was a blur. I couldn’t believe I had just done everything that I did. I felt so alive, almost intoxicated.
We walked into Daddy’s kitchen and spread out on the counter is… whips, canes, paddles and dildos. And what did I do? I smiled and giggled like a school girl.  Daddy is always so prepared for my lessons. Max surveys the counter and says, I think I may have something you don’t. At which point he pulls out a large wooden paddle with a rubber boot sole screwed to it. And am I nervous?  No, I am so excited I cannot wait for them to start.
Daddy walks up behind me and slips the collar around my neck, I feel the weight of the chain hanging against my chest and I am relieved, for this is how I feel most comfortable, in his care. He leads me into the living room where I am told to assume position on my knees.  My chest is out, hands clasped behind my back. Sir Max takes a roll of duct tape and tapes my wrists. I have given up my control to them, and my will is theirs. For the next few minutes, I am whipped and smacked in my ass with that boot paddle. The questions are flying at me “What are you Christina?” ANSWER “I am a married cheating whore”  “Where should you be???” ANSWER “Home taking care of my kids…” With every question and answer came another whack on my ass. Sometimes with the paddle and also bare handed. My nipples were pulled, smacked, stretched and twisted. Then Daddy plugged in a huge hand held vibrator that should be illegal, because it is just that intense.  Sir Max is behind me holding me back and Daddy places the wand right on my clit on turns it on high. It is such a short time before you want to cum or should I say HAVE to cum, and I need permission. And Daddy gives it, but after I cum he keeps it on me and pushes harder. There is no describing the feeling other than you have absolutely NO CONTROL over you bladder, your ass and your mouth. I was screaming, begging and crying for Daddy to stop and he didn’t. He knew how long I could take it and for a few more seconds, he held it, and then I came again. I was a sobbing mess. There is no pleasure like that which is attached to pain. I was grateful for the release. I was hugged, kissed and my tears dried. They both took care of me, now came time to satisfy them, both Daddy and Sir Max.
Daddy sits on the edge of the coffee table, I know to take him right in my mouth, and Sir Max comes right up behind me. He pushes his cock against me and my first thought is that he is going to try to force himself right into my ass. But instead, he pushed hard into my pussy, grabbed my ass and pulled himself all the way in, and fucked me hard with his huge nigger dick. I feel him pull out slow and then push against my asshole. I tried to relax, the pain was extreme right away, and I couldn’t take it. I was screaming “No, No. No it hurts” but he kept pushing. I finally relaxed enough and felt him go all the way in. He took it slow at first but pushed harder and harder. At the same time Daddy shoved his cock all the way down my throat and held it there. Feeling both of these dicks as deep as they could get inside of me brought me to the edge and within a second I came again.
They switched places and Sir Max sat on the couch and Daddy was behind me. As I started sucking Max off, Daddy started putting his fingers into my pussy, one at a time until his whole hand was in me. And again I came. Daddy fucked my pussy relentlessly and switched to my ass. I knew they were both building up to the point of cumming. Max grabbed his camera and started filming our finale,  just as he shot his load on my face,  You can see me getting plowed by Daddy while I clean the cum off Maxes dick and can tell from my expressions that I am loving every minute of this. The whole night was incredible, my love for Daddy for planning this night; Indescribable. I am really looking forward to us getting together again, only next time I will get FUCKED and ABUSED on those beds in the club in front of ALL TO SEE…God I can’t wait…

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