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It 1:30am I just dropped the guys off after another night of wife banging this time we went upstate NY. It was quite a ride but worth it. A new wife I met online and she wanted to experience her first gang bang with select black Dicks. In their letter her husband expressed she was a in his own words a 3 hole slut and ready to get used and abused. She always dreamed about it an now she want to do it. Most of the communication was done by one of my buddies. He texted me the address which was about 2 hours away. normally i would not travel that far but the had gotten voice conformation and we had a good vibe about them.


So at 8pm Me and 2 of my friends set off to meet the couple. Traffic was pretty heavy leaving Manhattan but picked up rapidly after leaving the outskirts of the city. Hour and half after getting off the main highway we hit the backwoods a winding twisting hilly road that went for miles with no lights, I aint gonna lie I could hear the soundtrack for deliverance going on in my head as we made our way closer the couple’s house. After a few missed turns and calls to their house we finally made it.

It was a quaint house nestled in a sleepy neighborhood. The husband bounced off the porch and sprinted towards us. Greeted us with a strong handshake and introduced himself. Then he quickly ushered us in away from prying neighbor eyes. After locking the for behind us he said she is on her knees waiting for some Black Dick she wants to be treated like a slut and turned out. She has been dreaming bout this for a while. We are ready we told him, then he then disappeared in the bedroom emerging shortly saying she is ready.

Me and my buddies marched into the room single file following him. And there she was kneeling on a pillow on the floor nervously swaying waiting for her first BBC. She was blindfolded with a red bandanna. This brunette has a Phat ass and a mouth ready to be assaulted. We surrounded her and drop our dicks on her face she opened her mouth and started bobbing for dick. Taking large gulps of air every time she missed, we closed in on her so there was a tight circle. Hands were on her hair, neck n tits pulling her to closest Dick to her. The room was filled with the sound of her gargling cock and us telling her what a slut she was. For 15 minutes she serviced our cocks, following the instructions we barked at her. She was submissive and wanted  to please. Her mouth was never empty for long, when one retreated another took its place. Her husband had they big assed grin on his face the whole time, loving the performance his wife was giving. He had his phone out recording the show she was putting on.


With a little guidance and pull of her hair this PAWG was positioned on the bed one guy took the position on the pillows laying back to get his dick sucked her Phat ass was in the air doggie position and ready get fucked. I was the first one to get in this honey hole. I felt resistance but i gripped her soft white ass hips used them as handles and pushed my dick through my head popped through her tight pussy. There was a yelp and jump from her but that soon settled into a steady rocking and low moan as I see-sawed away on this MILF cunt. She was not used to the size but her body adjusted and soon her pussy was flowing. I could feel the wetness trickling out. Still blindfolded we could not see her eyes but her groans and moans told the story . Like an opera crescendo It started off slow no low but soon my balls was hitting away on her cunt with a vigorous slap.With every thrust getting progressively harder, her utterance got louder. My buddy prevented her scream from getting too loud by grabbing het hair and forcing her face deep in his crotch I could her him say “lick my balls bitch.”


Pretty soon the other guys took their turns fucking her. Blindfolded the entire time she was figuratively and physically pushed by us in all directions. At this point i wanted her ass after about 40 minutes of fucking i made my first attempt in her ass. It was so tight i could barley get my head in. As much as i wanted to go in their was no way she could take me first. so one of the guys went ahead of me and got her open. It was on from that point. Her ass was now open and we went another round of fucking it. Another hole is like another girl in the room lol. 30 mins in to her ass fucking her asshole was looking like a donut and no resistance in going in. Then we decided to make her airtight. I took her ass and my buddy her pussy. we DPed her one cock in her in her pussy and one in her ass simultaneously. That began some of the hardest and most intense fucking she ever had.

We had no mercy and pounded on this slut one dick went in the other went out, we were like piston engine working her ass and pussy with our dicks. We all took turns doing this switching positions. To muffle her screams the 3rd guy stood on the bed and fucked her face. I pulled on her hair to keep her upright. with all the commotion he lost balance and disengaged and she slumped on the bed like a rag doll. At that point her husband removed her blindfold she had a big smile on her face seeing us for the first time.

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