My First Interracial


I have never dreamed about writing out my experiences, now I do not know how I could not.

I looked into a gangbang with black men. It was the first of its kind for me, with multiple partners as well as the whole interracial aspect. It was so unlike me. I know people say that, but seriously it is wrong in so many ways of my upbringing. In all honesty, my family would understand multiple partners before understanding going outside your race. The taboo is an amazing aphrodisiac that can easily persuade. I decided I was going to see if I could actually do it. If I could let black men fuck me.


I looked into the matter and found a group that set up gangbangs. I was asked to a public meeting to discuss, but I chose not to have a meeting and went straight to the session. I did not want to change my mind. When I decided to have an interracial fuck, it came to me that I should do it right, that I should be shared. The way I saw it if I had one black cock in me what did two matter. Over many discussions I was convinced to try four. I never put myself outside my own comfort zone but this time it is what I needed.

I was given directions to Big Max’s house and was going to be met at the subway. As I walked up the subway stairs I found myself ready to run, and I would have but they were waiting for me. They knew who I was and why I was there. I volunteered to have a gangbang, and had given my real picture. I was so nervous but had given my word and even though I wanted to, I did not cancel.

Once at the house my nerves shot up and I could not shut up. They were used to it I think, because within minutes I had black hands grabbing my tits and a black man’s mouth on my pussy. You learn to shut up quick. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I never felt so desired. I wanted to please everyone so I would only be remembered for good. I really wanted to please Max to be honest. No offense to the other three, but I liked that he was older, broader and to my surprise UNCUT!!!

We all went up to the room and I tasted my first black cock, first four I should say. You hear stories, but nothing can prepare you for what is about to happen. They were huge. I wasn’t even sure if I could even fit these black cocks inside of me. It’s amazing what lube will do. I wanted to cry every time a cock was shoved into my pussy. I felt like I was going to be torn. I must say, I loved the feeling of being used.


It was even harder to relax for anal. My ass was inexperienced. Quite a novice actually, but I wanted it. I wanted to feel the pleasure through the pain. After some failed anal attempts, Max whispered in my ear that I could handle it and that I needed to relax so it would not hurt so much. I loved hearing his voice whispering inspiration to me. I loved the feeling that he was watching over me. I could not wait for Max’s fat black uncut cock to take my ass. He deserved it. I wanted him to inflict all that pain and pleasure. I should have known then that I found my Dom.

Hours went by as we fucked. As I rode one of the black guys, another came up behind me. I knew then what was about to happen. I placed my hands on the chest of the man under me. His hands gripped around my wrists. I felt another set of hands settle on my hips. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. I had always wanted this. I wanted to have that black cock fuck my ass while I rode his friend. I was so scared I would stop them or cry to stop. We had a steady rhythm going and the force was unexplainable. I thought I was going to give up, but Max seemed to know me better than I did. He stood in front of me and ordered me to open my mouth. Max fucked my face while I had his friends deep and tightly inside my cunt and ass. It felt right. I never had gone outside my race, and now I did not want to go back. I was ruined. I wanted more. I kept rocking on those black cocks and was in such ecstasy. I liked watching Max watch me almost as much as I liked him fucking me. He seemed proud of me. Yes, I was completely ruined then. As much as it hurt, I anticipated Max bending me over and fucking my fat white ass. It hurt, but I felt safe, and I really liked the whispering as I said. It really was calming. I just wanted to prove to him, I could do it. I swallowed every load from each of those black cocks, and it was time to go.

The whole way home, I could not figure out if I was horrified with myself or just proud. The hole point was to see if I was able to give myself to someone of color, and yes I can. I called that night and asked if we could do the whole thing again the following day. Not everyone was available so we set it up for the day after, but that’s another story.

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