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Two New Sites in our Network

We have added two more sites to the Killercram family. The first on is home of interracial amateur sluts and swingers. See some of the raunchiest and sexiest hotwives I have filmed in pure raw action. The content is available in streaming and downloadable formats and stretches over a course of 10 years. I produce and edit my own videos so it’s all home grown. In addition, after joining this site, you will have access to the other websites at no extra cost! and





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B. Max

Slut Wife Late Night Mini Gang Bang

Well it is 4 am and i am inspired to start blogging again and what a night it was. I had a bareback slut over tonight. One of my buddies called me and asks am i free tonight to host. A slut we have fucked a couple times before ned some dick. Her cuck husband wanted to see her bred. I was late i was about  hit the sack but what the heck she was hot 20 something year old nymph that loves black dick, especially well endowed dick. She prefers it bare and the only place she likes cum is deep in her pussy. So of course I am in, i jumped at the opportunity to fuck this slut again. So i resigned it was going to be a late night so i got comfortable sat back and watched reruns on TV until they arrived.


As usual these thing never happen when the are scheduled, it’s the nature of the game especially when meeting couples. You have to be patient. Finally after 1pm they showed up, and Amber the slut looked as sexy as ever wearing some booty shorts and a tee shirt. She sauntered in to the living room followed by her husband in tow caring her bags. Right behind them where my 2 buddies and my roommate who by coincidence was getting in at the same time. Hey sexy I addressed her. She moved in closer to me, close enough to whisper in my ear i want to get fucked tonight i want you guys to dirty me up and use me. But i would like to start fresh can I use your shower. I pulled her closer to me, stuck my hand in her pants and felt a very wet pussy. I after toying with the idea of fucking her right there I relented and said sure let me get you a towel. Continue reading

Out of town Visitors

It long over-due for a blog update, sometimes work get in the way of writing them. I recently met another sexy couple visiting NYC. They contacted me online through my blog. One sure way to fire me up to meeting a couple is after the first email is exchanging numbers to actually chat. I am old school and don’t believe in texting all day when first meeting a couple. Hearing their voices and confirming they are for real goes a long way for me. It shows me they are serious and I will bend backward to accommodate if I feel they are the same. I really never take anyone seriously who can text or IM me all day or but don’t have the balls to have a phone conversation.

They told me that they saw some of my videos and got some referrals they would love to meet if they could. They where in town and had only one night to play. They had some family business to do here. They explained to me they lived in Europe and had a niece that just moved here and the were getting her adjusted but right now the wife needed some release and a BBC is just what she needed. After the initial phone call we preceded to text each other to update the time we would meet. It was agreed I would meet them at 8pm at their hotel room in midtown Manhattan. Her husband was very excited he told me she was looking forward to this all day after seeing her pics I felt the same way she was a married MILF and horny. There is nothing sweeter than married woman spreading her legs for you with no interruptions from her husband. When he told me she want it in the ass, I wanted her even more.

Getting to the hotel was more problematic that I had expected apparently there was some UN session going on at the Untied Nations so the roads were gridlocked for someone who prides himself in being on time this was maddening I called to apologize for being late. Her husband answered n said it ok she is just here sipping on champagne getting ready waiting for your dick so get her as soon as you can. After breaking a couple traffic laws I finally got to the valet parking at the hotel and made my way up to their suite. Continue reading


Here is a clip of Lavender Rayne Trash talking a cuck while she sucks my dick.This is for all the cuckold husbands and sissy cucks who like to be verbally insulted and humiliated.

I have been getting a lot of request for this type of clip. So here it is.





I am bleary-eyed form the long night I had and am now sitting at airport waiting for my flight to meet a one of my regular hook-ups, but I am getting ahead of myself maybe I should start from the beginning. It started off on swing site I won’t mention, but a couple contacted me on it. They had seen my profile and wanted to meet, I looked up their profile. It got my attention. On their profile page big bold letters BBC ONLY hmm I thought a woman after my own lust. The photos were very provocative sexy… whom am I kidding they were slutty nasty pictures of the female half of the couple. I was very intrigued by the boldness of the profile. It was stating proudly what they/she wanted and also showing some face photos on their profile. Most couple usually show pics but hide their faces. But not them she was on there proudly taking multiple black Dick in her mouth pussy and ass. In their letter to me they said they had seen my videos and would love t meet me one day. I emailed them back expressing my desire of the same and thus started our online correspondences. She sent me even more nasty images showing herself in various scenes of her taking BBC. She was a 3 hole kind of gal unfortunately they lived in a state the was at least a 10 hour drive as hot as she was I would not drive that far beside so many fakes online you never know, needles to say I took chance and gave them my number and they promised to call. A week goes by and I do not hear anything from them and it becomes a distant memory.

Then one day out of the blue I get a call I did not recognize the number but it was a sexy voice. After much going back n forth and back checking I relalized it was them. I was very surprised because I fully did not expect to hear from them. I spoke to the female half of the couple she was a bit cocky and I thought a tad inebriated. After chatting a few minutes we had a good repertoire going. She was turned on by my dominance. It seem like a lot of the guys in her town were a bit intimated it with a woman than can hold her own and not back down she was challenging me in our conversation, but I gave her as good a she gave and it became obvious as our chat continued she was beginning to melt. I could tell I was having an effect on her. Her breathing became more pronounced and I could her audible moan when I told her the things we were going to do. Pouncing on that I seized the moment and took control asserted my self and started to call her my bitch. She was becoming more and more enthralled with me pretty soon she stopped talking and all I could hear was her heavy breathing and occasion yelps. I upped the tempo and got nastier I told her I owned her cunt and go head and reach down and touch it oh oh ok she responded weakly. Then I heard her say “OH MY GOD” I am so wet. Jeesus I did not expect that. I then regaled a play by play on what and how we were going to fuck, before I could finished there was a low moaning sound coming from her end which was enunciated with a loud uuugggh. Did you Cum I asked, there was a deep breath and she exclaimed yes. Turns out she was a very submissive slut and like a man with a strong hand. In the proceeding week she sent me all sorts of naughty photos each set being more raunchy than the previous one she would call me on a spur when she was horny to listen me talk to her dirty all the while saying how much she wanted to meet.


So we decided to make plans for her to drive to NYC and meet me. She was supposed to call me the following day after she looked at dates when she and her husband would be free. However she never called, and again I figured it was not going to happen. Two week later she called to try set it up. I said I don’t think it is going to work, why she said disappointed I said because I don’t have time to play games. If you want meet fine but do not waste my time we had 2 deadlines but you failed to follow up on getting back to me. I do apologize she said it is just a lot going here and I have been very busy and we cant seem to get away to come down would you consider coming up to see us? Well I can’t commit coming to see you when you can’t keep in touch. The possibility of me arriving at the airport and you not showing up is my problem. How can I make you believe we are serious and I desperately need your dick? I don’t believe you I replied. No its true I been thinking bout our talks and I don’t only want your dick I need it. Prove it said. Surprised she asks how. Get me a ticket to fly to you I said. Otherwise I walk and we don’t talk again, OK I will do it. she said. I sent her my info and a couple hours I received an e-ticket in my email so the plan was set in motion I was to see her 2 weeks later. During those 2 week I solidified my dominance on her having her send me various pics of her in specific poses. I stopped calling her by her name she was now “Slut” I would leave her soaking after our chats sometimes I would make her cum other I wouldn’t. When the time came closer she was instructed on what the wear it was understood when they picked me up at he airport me and her would ride in the back seat while her husband drove us to the hotel. Though out the week she would email with variations of this: this is killing me I want your dick so bad I want to be breeded by you. I want your dick buried in my pussy I want your cum deep in my womb. Soon enough slut Daddy will be there soon I coolly replied.


I packed light and my flight arrived to my destination on time, going though the airport was a breeze. I was told they drove a red SUV but as I stood at the curb waiting their vehicle was not to be found. But I did not fear I knew they would be there, after all she did buy the ticket. 20 minutes later I see their car pulling up and she did not disappoint. She was wearing what I told her to. She hopped out of the car and kissed me like a long lost lover despite all those strangers standing around. I dropped my bags and grabbed her ass and pulled her close to me the other hand took a hold of her neck and she inhaled my tongue what a welcome I though as we broke the kiss and got my bags in the car. She cleared a spot for me in the back seat and jumped in after me. I briefly shook hands with her husband who was very excited at the prospect of seeing his wife fuck me. He went on to ask me how was my flight sorry for being late blah blah I did not hear most of what he was say because before we even left the airport me and Brandi where once again locked in a lip and tongue battle spread them I murmured she was not wearing panties as I instructed and my fingers were slipping past her eraser hard clit. Her pussy lips where swollen and wet. 2 finger easily slipped in while my thumb rotated her hard clit oh God oh God she whimpered she gyrated on my hand burying her head in the crux between my shoulder and neck I am so close she hissed Not yet I told her daddy dick needs attention get down there and suck. Yes sir she said and scooted her body away and started to work on my dick, which was pulsating hard, I leaned back and groaned, her tongue and saliva coated my eager dick. Our moaning was interrupted by her husband piping in “so I see you met my wife Brandi” we both laughed at the joke and we still had not left the confines of the airport.


Finally checking in to my room Brandi and her husband came up to my room a few minutes after I phoned them the room number. They brought booze and other mind altering party favors. Now that we were finally here Brandi was a bit nervous so her husband poured her a glass of wine to relax her while I took liberties in fondling her legs and thighs. Finally after warming up and much talk. We got up and I kissed her, pinning her body to the wall I could feel her body it was beginning to grind on me I then gave her husband my video camera to record what was about to happen. We continued to kiss. I forced her to her knees, which did not take too much effort she was greedily fishing for my Dick. Although it had only been half hour since she sucked it she treated my dick like a long lost friend she had not seen in days, she devoured it starting with my cock-head getting it wet with her mouth then engulfing my growing dick she loved sucking cock and it showed, I had to grab her hair and instructed to slow down the dick is not going any where. No hand just you mouth “yes daddy” she quietly said and began a masterful job on worshiping my Dick nothing sexier than hearing a slut suck and slurp up her spit as in runs down your dick she deep throated me looking up at me with her eyes looking for approval as she choked on the black monster in her mouth. Good girl I complimented her she pulled back and took a deep breath and went at it again working her way down to my balls. I was in heaven. But my toes started to curl when she used her mouth and lips on my balls she took both of them in her mouth and swirled her tongue even reaching back to the spot between my ass and balls she had me moaning but as good as that felt I wanted to fuck this slut and my cum was not going to be n her mouth but in her married cunt.


Get on the bed slut .She got in the bed fully dressed and was beginning to fumble with her buttons taking off her clothes. No leave em on I commanded. “Get on your knees slut” she got on all four trembling anticipating what is yet to come her ass was plump I lifted her skirt to reveal her round deep ass. “OH God her lips are swollen” I heard her husband exclaimed. One swipe of my fingers to her cunt confirmed she was wet and ready I pushed her chest further in to the bed accentuating her ass further pushing it out to my waiting cock. It was twitching in anticipation. Do you want a condom? No daddy she screamed “breed me” what to you want in your cunt slut “Your Big Fat Black Dick” she snarled then I popped the head in her warm wet hole it gripped like a glove and I slipped in. Her pussy lips had a hard time accommodate my girth so I helped out with a generous amount of spit and sunk in deeper then she began to wail and push back accepting more of daddy’s dick within 5 min her long hair was flowing back and forth and she was cuming guttering obscenities. I began to pound her hard. Our slapping bodies was rhythmic she was so warm and wet, when I grabbed her hair and pounded harder I heard her say OH God you balls are slapping my pussy don’t stop I am going to cum again. She cam in a torrent squirting out her cum all over my thighs and legs when I pulled out her cunt was gapping could see her insides contracting.


Spread those cheeks I am taking your ass. Her husband grabbed the lube for me I poured a good amount and stuck my thumb in Brandi ass she moaned her consent and kept her ass checks open by using both hands to spread them I worked My dick in her ass it was a very tight fit but like all true sluts she made it work and her ass was soon getting the same action her cunt was, pretty soon I was fucking it like a pussy and she grinding it back on me. Do you want Daddy cum I said as I was fucking her. Yes she said but not in my ass in my cunt. You want my seed in your cunt? Me saying that seem to trigger a massive orgasm for her. She came hard and collapsed.

After a quick break Brandi found herself riding my dick we had been at it for about 2 hours and I was ready to cum. I had lost track on how many time she came but looking up at her riding my dick like it was her job was driving me close to burst so when I felt myself close I flipped her on her back and told her husband bring the camera I am going to nut I inserted my dick in her and spewed my warm baby batter on her clit then pushing it deep inside her filling her pussy with my seed she locked her leg around me to keep the juices from escaping and we kept on fucking my cum was now lube making a frothy foam at our junction. Before the night was over I deposited another load in her for good measure. I was spent. An hour later Brandi and her husband were dressed and ready to go back home. Me and Brandi kissed passionately good bye and she told me “Promise me you will be back I going to need some BBC in about 3 weeks” I’ll be back I said in my best terminator voice which made her a giddy.


It was now about 2 AM and I could not sleep still horny so I went online to check my email and I got an IM from another couple I see regularly they asked what I was doing up so late and I told them I was not in NYC but in a different state getting laid. I am jealous she IMed back I need some BBC as well. The state you are in is not too far from us we are away on business do you think you have enough energy to help me out? My flight leave at 9AM today, when do you need Daddy I asked. Well I have a formal dinner to attend tonight can you fly in this afternoon I would love to get royally fucked after my function and of course since it short notice and it will be a while before I meet you I will pick up the tab. I have also taken the liberty of arranging a car to pick you up and booking a room next to ours my husband will stay in ours I plan to seep with you tonight. That will work I said, 15 min later there was a ding on my email with my flight conformation. Which bring me here at the jet blu terminal writing this blog.




-B. Max



I recently hooked with a wife I played with in the past we had lost contact for over a year. Her husband happened to bump into me online on my yahoo IM. He had been following the blog and was happy to catch up with me. We quickly reacquainted with each other and decided it was long over due for me to meet and fuck his wife again. A little history about the husband, he is a cuckold and nothing pleases him more than to be put in his place humiliated and watch an authoritative Bull take his wife and all her holes. Well did just that, and I am afraid to say she is now spoiled and asks me to bring some friends. She will work for dick she can’t get enough BBC now lol the following is written by her. Enjoy



A Wife’s Story to her cuck husband


So I had a chance the other night and again tonight to look over Big Max’s blog. I found my nipples getting hard and my pussy getting wet as I read the stories and thought back to the time we had hung out. Thoughts of being filled by his huge cock took over and I found myself drifting off a bit from the stories I was reading and I began thinking about how I want to be used by him again while you watch how deep and hard he fucks me. Thoughts of being on my hands and knees waiting for that big cock, and you being made to spread my ass cheeks, holding them apart as he slides his big black cock in my ass. I still think about how you came as you watched him slide his big cock in my ass last time.


A couple of different thoughts passed through my mind – One being – rough, aggressive fucking and sucking. When I say rough and aggressive, I’m thinking along the lines of some hair pulling, having his cock forced as deeply as possible down my throat, being smacked in the face- both by hand and by his big black cock, being grabbed by the neck for just a moment as he thrusts that big cock deep inside my pussy, being held down as he is on top of me fucking me hard and deep, and of course some dirty talk – being called a whore and slut, begging for more cock. Another thought – well of course, a second big black cock, having my pussy and mouth stuffed with cock at the same time –thinking of being held down by the one fucking my mouth as the other is fucking my pussy is making my pussy wet right now. Mmm…..


It’s only been two days since I had his big black cock inside me and already I want more. The moment Max walked into the hotel, my pussy began to get wet knowing I was finally going to have that big cock that I’ve been thinking about. When he unzipped his pants, revealing his huge cock, I instantly wanted it and for the rest of the night, I just couldn’t get enough of it. He fucked my ass and pussy just the way I like it – deep, hard and rough, smacking my ass and grabbing me by my hair, pulling my ass up against him as he sunk his big black cock inside me. He then flipped me over on my back, I looked up at him and asked him to make me squirt. I never had anyone make me squirt until I met Max. Oh, so intense and I’ve thought about it ever since, so of course, I had to ask him, in fact, I would have even begged. He slid his fingers inside my pussy and worked his magic, making me squirt my juice all over. He then laid back and I began licking and sucking his cock, rubbing the head of his cock against my lips, my pussy dripping, so excited by his big black cock. He continued fucking and using me like a whore, any way he pleased, until he came. We laid back on the bed and relaxed for a few minutes.

I went into the bathroom to get myself together and I came out to find Max getting dressed, but I still wanted, no, I still needed more of his cock. I told him that I needed him to fuck me some more. I wanted him to use my holes until I was sore, I wanted his cock in my mouth and I wanted more of his cum. Understanding the needs of a slut whore, he undressed and gave me what I needed. He laid on the bed and I immediately went to him, got on top of him and began riding his huge hard cock, cumming over and over. He then taped my hands together, talking dirty to me as he forcefully pulled my hair and began fucking me again. I just couldn’t get enough of his big black cock. On my back, legs spread open, pussy so wet, he knelt between my legs and began sliding his fingers in and out of my pussy, oh I moaned in pleasure, and I told him it felt so good, four fingers in he said as he continued to finger fuck my pussy deeper and sliding more of his hand inside me. Fuck me, I screamed, as I came again. I went right to his cock again, sucking and licking it, until I his cock exploded a load of cum in my mouth. By the end of the night, the bed was saturated with my juices, my pussy and ass sore, and I winced in pleasure. All night, my cuckold husband had sat watching Max fuck his wife like a whore, watching his big black cock use my holes. He was such a good little cuck, so when Max left, I gave my cuck his reward, I had him sleep on the cum soaked bed.









Hi everyone hope everybody is having a great week. I for one have been. It was my birthday last week and I must say had a great time. Thanks for all the calls and e-mails wishing me a happy B. Day. I did spend some time with Ana on my special day and she had a little surprise for me. She invited Lavender over. So it was me with two beautiful ladies hanging out naked at her pool, both taking care of me and of themselves. We had cake and drank mojitos all day lol, so you can imagine what happened. Ana did get me spanking Brand new camcorder I have been eying for a couple months now. It is amazing; all my new footage will be shot with greater clarity. I did shoot some footage of the girls blowing me but was so buzzed got only half decent video. I may post it on future blog date.

One new development I just opened a clip store on the clip4sale site. I will be posting full scenes there, where can download to keep if you don’t want to do a monthly site subscription. I just posted a scene I did with Lavender and one of her girlfriends Amy who is a dominatrix.It features one of Lavender cuck BF where they both humiliate and trash talk him while I fuck Lavender. Here is a short preview of it if you like it; the whole scene can be downloaded CLICK HERE for full scene


Hmm getting up today… refreshed and happy despite the lack of sleep from going to bed at 3 am. Last night I was online surfing, on a site called Swinger Life Style Just checking out profiles not looking for anything in particular but after bout half hour of that I got a lil bored looked at the clock n saw it was 11:30 PM, still to early to go to bed I thought. Maybe I’ll watch some TV in bed. As I was leaving my desk I heard the familiar ding on my computer indicating I got an e-mail. It was from a couple from the SLS swing site they had seen my profile there and wanted to know if I was available. They wanted to meet me. I told them if you are serious meet me on Yahoo IM, which they did. I was chatting to the husband, he informed me they were a couple and were really horny tonight his wife was craving some black dick and would I be able to fuck her tonight. We then traded our info, which established we lived fairly close enough to meet that night. He asked if I can host, I said give me a half hour to get in the shower and meet me at midnight. We then exchanged our cell numbers. The husband called me and started to give me some insight on his wife, how she is such a slut and love to be used fuck hard and talked dirty too, he also told me he is not a cuck but she loves to watch him eat black men deposits after they leave them in his wife. I told him as long as there was no male on male bi-sex going on I am cool, if you want to eat my seed after I breed and dump my load your wife …hey go for it.

They arrived a lil after midnight (parking in my neighborhood is the worst) she was a hot MILF typical city housewife, but for a white girl she had a very plump n round ass the kind you slap and it jiggled. The husband introduced her to me. “Hi this is Tia My slut wife” hello slut I told her. “How you doing” in a thick Brooklyn accent she replied. The husband sat on the couch and I told her turn around and show me that booty. My GOD her ass was phatt I palmed squeeze and tugged at it. There was a heart indentation at the crack of her ass when she bent over. I slid my middle finger between her ass cheek it was warm I could feel the dampness and the fold of her cunt as I fingered her through the thin layer of her jogging pants. She started to air hump my hand I pushed her down on the arm of the couch and without my prodding he raised one of her legs with her knee bend as if she was a dog about to pee rubbing her cunt across the arm of the couch she moaned please fuck me. “Beg me” I said. Her husband was at the other end of the couch started saying yeah make her beg for it while furiously rubbing his crotch. I whipped out my cock and slid it on her ass slapping her ass cheek with my dick. She was genuinely surprised she had no idea how big I was. She gasped “oh my got you’re huge.” She renewed her efforts in dry fucking me, wiggling her hip more aggressively, pressing her ass back at me. As much as the velvet texture of her jogging pants felt on my cock I wanted flesh.

We proceeded to go upstairs to my bedroom where I ordered the slut to undress. For the next 20 mins I teased and talked to the slut very nasty called her a no good whore a slut that can’t help her self around black dick. I also cuffed her hands to my headboard and blindfolded her as well. I teased and poked her with my dick on every part of her body except her cunt rubbing and dragging it across her face, lips, legs and tits. Pre-cum was leaking giving her that glossy trail only cum can give. I had her withering on the bed begging me to put my dick in her; exclaiming how I just met her she don’t derseved to be teased like that. Please give her what I want she begged. Any time she sensed my dick near her pussy she raised her ass high in the air in vain trying to get some contact with my dick. Her pussy was wet even in the dark I could see the glistening of her pussy lips. When finally inserted she shouted “OH GOD, OH GOD it is so big from her hip movements I could tell I did not have to do much to make her cum. I could have blown on her and she would have came, but I was not done yet. I fucked her till she was just at the edge of coming, then withdrew I did this about 4 times even though she had blindfold on I could tell she was frustrated and wanted, needed to cum she pounded her fist on the bed and begged please let me come she almost sobbed. Finally I let her have it I pounded the way I knew she needed. She was a fantastic fuck. I busted 3 nuts on her last night. Hubby eagerly cleaned her cunt after I withdrew from her pussy. She had no break, she was a natural nympho doing as she was told. Opening her legs n spreading her pussy lips for me she was all about fucking. She played with her clit while my dick slick with our combined juices glided in and out of her, I don’t know how many time she came like that, but it was hot watching her.

The thing about sluts is even when the say they are done they still can take more dick. Her case was no different. After fucking for about an hour she asked to go to the bathroom. When she got back she informed us she was done and too sore for more dick. I walked up to her n placed my hand on her swollen pussy and whispered “then why is your cunt so wet, get your ass on the bed I gonna fuck you doggie style” she took a deep sigh and said yes I am a slut I cant help I love to fuck. I then fucked her for another half hour. Despite her earlier protests she was screaming, “fuck me, fuck me harder.” She came several more times before I deposited my 3rd n last load in her waiting mouth. By that time t was 3am and they had to get going. During that time I promised her I would get the crew together the next time we meet to give her a proper gangbang. She smiled and said “I would like that.” With the lights now on both of them started to dress picking up their clothes. As she reached for her panties I grabbed them before she could, and said first time fucks at my crib I keep your panties. She pouted and said “but hey are my favorite.” Then I guess next time you are here you just have to bring a pair you don’t care to lose, in the mean time these stay here, they are now my property.


Re Gang-Bang

Hey quick note I want to thank the guys here for coming through last night and giving Grazia a night she won’t soon for get. You guys certainly opened her ass up She and her husband enjoyed themselves. They had a blast and may wanna do again on Sat. before they leave for Italy. I put together a lil montage of the event last night. Enjoy

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