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Housewives Gone Rogue No. 24

Those Naughty sluts are up to it again in Housewives Gone Rogue 24 I meet up with Annie Fanny who is in town visiting. And craving black dick but can’t find any. in an act of desperation, she starts randomly emailing BBC till she finally hit me. I catch her on her last day in town. I also hook up with naughty J of the second time in one day (see Max Banging the Mil’s 41) her pussy was so good I had to hit it a second time. We also have Nola Rouge with Christina Sapphire. This was a first for them. I usually don’t get off on girl on girl but it was so hot to watch and film, I literary had boner shooting from start to finish so hot. Speaking of Christina Sapphire… she has a second scene here with Roc Bundy Where he dominates her as only he can. Finally, i hook up again with my bitch Angelica Winters she christens my new bed with its first fuck. total Time: 2 hours get you copy at



My First Interracial


I have never dreamed about writing out my experiences, now I do not know how I could not.

I looked into a gangbang with black men. It was the first of its kind for me, with multiple partners as well as the whole interracial aspect. It was so unlike me. I know people say that, but seriously it is wrong in so many ways of my upbringing. In all honesty, my family would understand multiple partners before understanding going outside your race. The taboo is an amazing aphrodisiac that can easily persuade. I decided I was going to see if I could actually do it. If I could let black men fuck me.


I looked into the matter and found a group that set up gangbangs. I was asked to a public meeting to discuss, but I chose not to have a meeting and went straight to the session. I did not want to change my mind. When I decided to have an interracial fuck, it came to me that I should do it right, that I should be shared. The way I saw it if I had one black cock in me what did two matter. Over many discussions I was convinced to try four. I never put myself outside my own comfort zone but this time it is what I needed.

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From Fantasy To Reality

A couple years ago my husband and I were browsing pics and Vids of profiles on an online swinging site. My husband called me over and said, “You have to see the profile of this guy Big Max”. As I look through the profile I see Max a handsome black man with a huge cock. Max is fucking white women in his videos and pictures, I am intrigued instantly. I go on to watch more of the clips the more I watch the wetter I get. By the time I stumble onto the next clip my pussy is soaked, I watch as Max is fucking a beautiful woman, Max pulls his dick out of the woman and cums on and in her pussy, and then pushes his dick inside of her and continues to fuck her. At this point I am near orgasm myself, surprised that I hadn’t exploded already as this clip is one of the HOTTEST I had ever seen. Mind racing and clit throbbing beyond control I cum replaying this image in my mind over and over. I know without a doubt that I want to be the woman in the video and the thought crosses my mind that I should contact Max but have second thoughts about it as I live in Chicago and he in NYC.

As time passes I am maneuvering my way through the hotwife lifestyle. Finding that only black men can satisfy the sexual needs and desires that I have. Experiencing the basic attraction and dynamic between a married white woman and a black man is spellbinding, pure eroticism. In the back of my mind is always the clip of Max Cumming in and on a pretty pink pussy. I continue to keep updated on Max’s profile and watch my favorite clip. Then one day I stumble upon his blog, I quickly begin to read the entries and find there are hot videos and pics to visually aid each story…. I’m in heaven. I introduce the blog to everyone I know in the lifestyle, I think most of the men in my life were tired of hearing about Big Max!!

This spring I found myself networking the lifestyle looking for couples and other women who share in my interests through online social networks. I of course follow Max @KillerCram and meet tons of people. One day I see Max conversing about ME! I froze immediately, and then noticed I had a direct message that said call me with his number. I was not only in shock but speechless. It’s one thing to admire someone from afar but to talk in person?!? My hands were sweaty and my heart racing. I honestly wasn’t sure what to do as I knew the minute we started to converse I would want Max deep in my pussy, I would want Max to make me one of his Sluts. Continue reading

First Time Meeting Max

Hi Max here again with another blog update, its been a busy year have not had the time to write my blog as constantly as I have in the past. So I have decided to do a little change up. and turn in a story that was written by a hot slut I met some time back she wrote this after we met. It is kinda nice n humbling to read in from someone else perspective. Here it is in her own words.

Roger, my then boyfriend and I had talked about the subject of a threesome many times…. I had always held back even though I guess deep down the thought of having two men sexually at the same time aroused me in ways I fantasized about when I was falling off to sleep at night. I am passionate about sex, most of all about the intimacy that goes with it, so I knew I didn’t just want someone who would “fuck” me, I wanted it to be an experience I would feel good about every time I thought about it. 

Finally one night we were having drinks in a bar and I was feeling very relaxed and comfortable and sexual and I said “Roger, I think I am ready to have a threesome” He said “ Stacy, if I set this up, you cannot back down on me, you have to follow through”… “You have to leave every thing up to me, I will not give you ANY details until the night it is arranged” “You have to trust me to choose someone who will be just right for your first experience” So, I agreed.


He arranged the night, the place the person….


I had no details other than time to meet him at a bar in Grand Central on a hot summer night in August.


I was excited, nervous, and a little frightened…. But mostly highly aroused at what lay ahead in that night. I showered, shaved my legs and all the other areas I knew would be touched and tasted and played with and then rubbed oil and lotion all over my body so it felt soft and the smell of the musky oil along with what I knew was coming from my arousal was making me more excited than I can even explain. As I rubbed the oil I was excited at the thought of a strangers hands touching me… and two men making me feel things that seemed only possible in a fantasy.I wore a skirt, no stockings, pink, lacy panties and a summer blouse with no bra.It all felt just sensually heightened to the limit. Continue reading


Just dug up this clip from my shoot with Fiona.



Had a great shoot the other day with the sexy Lavender Rayne and Autumn Bodel. If you are into foot fetishes check these sexy sluts devour each other. The full version will be coming on DVD soon and on my website

-B. Max


I recently hooked with a wife I played with in the past we had lost contact for over a year. Her husband happened to bump into me online on my yahoo IM. He had been following the blog and was happy to catch up with me. We quickly reacquainted with each other and decided it was long over due for me to meet and fuck his wife again. A little history about the husband, he is a cuckold and nothing pleases him more than to be put in his place humiliated and watch an authoritative Bull take his wife and all her holes. Well did just that, and I am afraid to say she is now spoiled and asks me to bring some friends. She will work for dick she can’t get enough BBC now lol the following is written by her. Enjoy



A Wife’s Story to her cuck husband


So I had a chance the other night and again tonight to look over Big Max’s blog. I found my nipples getting hard and my pussy getting wet as I read the stories and thought back to the time we had hung out. Thoughts of being filled by his huge cock took over and I found myself drifting off a bit from the stories I was reading and I began thinking about how I want to be used by him again while you watch how deep and hard he fucks me. Thoughts of being on my hands and knees waiting for that big cock, and you being made to spread my ass cheeks, holding them apart as he slides his big black cock in my ass. I still think about how you came as you watched him slide his big cock in my ass last time.


A couple of different thoughts passed through my mind – One being – rough, aggressive fucking and sucking. When I say rough and aggressive, I’m thinking along the lines of some hair pulling, having his cock forced as deeply as possible down my throat, being smacked in the face- both by hand and by his big black cock, being grabbed by the neck for just a moment as he thrusts that big cock deep inside my pussy, being held down as he is on top of me fucking me hard and deep, and of course some dirty talk – being called a whore and slut, begging for more cock. Another thought – well of course, a second big black cock, having my pussy and mouth stuffed with cock at the same time –thinking of being held down by the one fucking my mouth as the other is fucking my pussy is making my pussy wet right now. Mmm…..


It’s only been two days since I had his big black cock inside me and already I want more. The moment Max walked into the hotel, my pussy began to get wet knowing I was finally going to have that big cock that I’ve been thinking about. When he unzipped his pants, revealing his huge cock, I instantly wanted it and for the rest of the night, I just couldn’t get enough of it. He fucked my ass and pussy just the way I like it – deep, hard and rough, smacking my ass and grabbing me by my hair, pulling my ass up against him as he sunk his big black cock inside me. He then flipped me over on my back, I looked up at him and asked him to make me squirt. I never had anyone make me squirt until I met Max. Oh, so intense and I’ve thought about it ever since, so of course, I had to ask him, in fact, I would have even begged. He slid his fingers inside my pussy and worked his magic, making me squirt my juice all over. He then laid back and I began licking and sucking his cock, rubbing the head of his cock against my lips, my pussy dripping, so excited by his big black cock. He continued fucking and using me like a whore, any way he pleased, until he came. We laid back on the bed and relaxed for a few minutes.

I went into the bathroom to get myself together and I came out to find Max getting dressed, but I still wanted, no, I still needed more of his cock. I told him that I needed him to fuck me some more. I wanted him to use my holes until I was sore, I wanted his cock in my mouth and I wanted more of his cum. Understanding the needs of a slut whore, he undressed and gave me what I needed. He laid on the bed and I immediately went to him, got on top of him and began riding his huge hard cock, cumming over and over. He then taped my hands together, talking dirty to me as he forcefully pulled my hair and began fucking me again. I just couldn’t get enough of his big black cock. On my back, legs spread open, pussy so wet, he knelt between my legs and began sliding his fingers in and out of my pussy, oh I moaned in pleasure, and I told him it felt so good, four fingers in he said as he continued to finger fuck my pussy deeper and sliding more of his hand inside me. Fuck me, I screamed, as I came again. I went right to his cock again, sucking and licking it, until I his cock exploded a load of cum in my mouth. By the end of the night, the bed was saturated with my juices, my pussy and ass sore, and I winced in pleasure. All night, my cuckold husband had sat watching Max fuck his wife like a whore, watching his big black cock use my holes. He was such a good little cuck, so when Max left, I gave my cuck his reward, I had him sleep on the cum soaked bed.









Hi Max again I was going through my old laptop and came across a true story I wrote about 14 years ago. My first interracial experience. It began my descent into debauchery lol. It’s an oldie and I wrote in stream of conscience and never really edited it. There are lots of grammatical errors in it but I still think it’s hot and I am just too lazy to correct the errors now, so I am giving it to you raw. It’s a lil on the sappy side (forgive me I was young lol.) But at the time I wrote it is how I felt. There are no pic or vids, hope you guys enjoy it.

My first ever interracial fuck well her name was Heather. She had no inhibitions about fucking. I met her 14 years ago in Kentucky. I was there doing some freelance work for an advertising agency there. My 1st week there and I was bored stiff. It was work, then to my motel room; sleep and them do it all over again. One of my co-workers saw my frustration and suggested I take a trip down Bardstown road, there a city guy like myself can find some entertainment. So I drove there that very night. It was ok, not great but a lot better than the bum-fuck motel I was staying at. I stopped in one of the bars. It was fairly empty as pulled up a stool and ordered a drink. I started a conversation with the Bartender.

He entertained me with stories of folklore in this little town. Then I noticed her from the corner of my eyes a very cute waitress with sparkling eyes and a laugh that rang like bells on Sunday morning. It was an unseasonably hot summer month and the wait staff had resorted to wearing shorts and tank tops. She was beautiful. Raven black hair. Pouty Moist lips average sized breast but an ass that looked incredible it was heart shaped With enough jiggle to make you want to dive between those cheeks and lick her till your face Was covered with her honey. I asked the Bartender what’s her name. He said, “ I’ll do better I’ll introduce you to her” He called her over and made introductions. Heather was a delightful Woman and I decided to have dinner there if she would be my waitress and keep talking to me. She laughed and said, “Silly, you are quite bold I would love to talk to you but I have a lot Of other customers depending on me to get the food…. But if you are willing to stick around I get off in an hour and a half. Maybe we can have a drink then” So I stuck around. When she got off we sat at the bar and talked for what seemed like hours, then she looked at her watch and said “Oh my God its late I have a class in the morning!” (She was studying psychology at the local college). We decided to make a date fore dinner the following evening.

I meet her at the appointed restaurant She looked cute at her job, but tonight she looked Ravishing she wore a summer dress that caressed and hugged her body in all the right places. Her perfume had a hint of jasmine coupled with her smile and seductive walk She was an Irresistible sight. Dinner was great but to be honest with you I don’t even remember what we had to eat. Watching her breast rise and fall as she laughed at some of my stories was maddening. We then decided to go dancing. I will say the club was strange there was a fiddle band playing Bluegrass music I looked around I was the only black man there and I felt slightly uncomfortable as I sipped my drink. Heather whispered in my ear “do you want to dance”. I whispered back and said, “I would love to dance but the way I dance I don’t think you can handle it”. She said “Really and why is that?” I said, “Because the way I dance, it simulates slow fucking”. She laughed and said “that is the only way I dance” as she circled her hand around my waist. We began a slow dance in a darken corner of the club her hands caressing my back while my hands explored the contours of her ass. Then she said let go on the middle of the dance floor I nervously laughed and said in case you haven’t noticed I am the only black man here and we are in the south. She said, “don’t be Silly, they are really cool here”. But before we got onto the floor, the band started to pack up. “My God” I said, “it is only 11:30PM and the club is closing down already”. “Well that’s what happen around here on a Sunday night. Everything shuts down at midnight ”She said. “But I am having such a good time, it’s a shame to let it end this early” I said. “Well we could go to my apartment for a night cap,” she suggested. Ok let’s go.

When we arrived at her apartment I sat on the floor and she went to make our drinks. I was lying on my back on her deck when she returned with our drinks. She sat by my head. I then noticed for the first time her feet. Her nails were painted in a pale baby blue color they were perfect. I said you have beautiful feet. Oh yeah she said “how beautiful?” I slipped her left foot out of her slippers and started to caress it starting with the ball of her feet trailing up to her toes telling her in detail what makes her feet so lovely I begin to massage the arch of her feet in earnest listening to her moan her approval, I lifted her foot to my mouth as I tickle her ankles and toes with my goatee. Gentle as a cat I take my tongue and rake it against the Bottom of her feet using my teeth to tentatively nibble the ball of her feet rasping my entire tongue along her feet. I engulf her big toe swirling my tongue between her toes she sighs in ecstasy. Her feet are moist as I give her right foot the same treatment. Her toes curl as I find sensitive parts with my fingers and mouth. I kiss her feet all over with my lips, dragging them across places that have yet to be discovered by pleasure. I look at her. Her eyes are fluttering as sound of my slurping fills the room I notice the fabric of her dress are bunch up at her juncture and it is darker at the crotch. Nibbling on her insoles and up her leg, on her calf behind her knee I approach her honey pot the aroma of pussy whiffs through my nose as my head drives her dress up higher. She tries to help me but I stop her with her arms pinned behind her back I use my mouth to slowly bring her dress to her waist. With long strokes of my tongue I press the flesh of her inner thigh starting from the knees and stopping just short of her pussy lips. Freeing her arms she grabs my head and pushes her pussy in my face rotating her ass as my tongue does it’s magic. My dick is now being restrained by the fabric of my pants.

I stop eating her and break away from her grip. I swoop down and scoop her up in my arms and carry her to her bedroom, while passionately kissing her. As her back hit the mattress I bring her knees to her shoulders as I begin to probe her pussy and ass with my tongue. She is panting and her legs are flexing as her cream coat my lips. My dick is so hard it hurts I shuck my pant off and she attacks me. She rips the buttons off my shirt, biting my nipples and face I feel her hot breath as it tickles my earlobe. Her hand is searching for my cock. She gasps as her fingers circle my massive cock.

My God she chimes “you are huge.” We fall into a 69 her on top me on the bottom I begin to peck at her ass cheek with my teeth my tongue slick with her juices I dive into her pussy. Then she hooks her shoulders around the back of my knees my ass is now exposed. She begins to stroke my cock while her warm wet mouth dance on my balls. Then she does something that causes me to probe in her deeper. Her tongue starts to lick my ass, I start to do the same while I plunge 2 fingers in her pussy our moan are now entangled as the voices of our pleasure reaches a fever pitch. She alternates between my ass and My cock, which is as shiny as a silver bullet with the combination of saliva and pre-cum. she is talking to me nasty now telling me how good my cock taste, telling me she wants me to split her open. She wants me to fuck her till she can’t walk straight. With a savage growl I grab her waist and flip her on her back her pussy hair is tangled, and damp. Rivets of juice form droplets on her cunt lips. I am holding her ankles wide apart my cock sliding on her pussy making slurpy sounds as she pleads to take it home. I plunge in to her. Just the head gets in, and her eyes roll back as she wails her pleasure. Her pelvis lounges up to meet to meet my cock as I ram her a second time I sink into what must be heaven I can feel her pussy quivering around my cock. I moan her name as I hear the music our sex makes. She is moaning over and over how good. My cock turns pearly white with our sex liquids. My lips descend on her tits as she circles my waist with her ankles and squeeze me tighter. MY face is buried in her chest, as I lick her love buttons. This drives her to a frenzy She grunts I want you deeper my cock jumps at those word I hold the back of her leg and bring them up to her face for optimal penetration. As I slowly sink deeper She cries out “oooooooooooooooooh my Gaaaaaaawd don’t stop you feel so fucking good. Take me deep Oh God Oh God Oh God. No one has been in that far before don’t stop fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”. I feel her thighs trembling as she reaches her peak. I pound her hard and deep as her body stiffen into an orgasm her hands clenching my thighs breaking my skin as her rapture ripples thorough her body. My cock is still very hard. And is begging for release I pull out and tell to get on all four she smiles and pushes her ass in the air while she nestles her face on the pillow. God that ass is magnificent I can see both holes winking at me, wet and waiting. I slide my Dick up her crack testing my cock head on her ass hole no way baby she replied you are too big. I wet my finger and massage her rosebud as I gently push my finger in her ass. She moans in delight as I as my cock finds a familiar place in her pussy.

I am now fucking her with my fingers and my cock, while one goes in the other come out. I am in Heaven as her ass bucks back at me rippling as my thigh slap her ass it is a glorious sight I begin to Massage her cheeks as I hump her I playfully spanking her ass as she squeals in delight I am very close now. My dick is a blur now but I don’t want to cum yet I grip her hips and slow down the tempo I begin to really ream her now sticking my cock all the way in and the taking it completely out over and over. Her pussy is making sloppy popping noises as our arousal reaches a higher plane. I circle her hips, my finger searches for her clit which is as hard as an eraser I stroke her hard and fast. She wets my fingers and proclaims she is Cumming again We change position and she moans “I want you to cum on me” I pull My dick out she lays on her back while I straddle her breast and fuck her tits while squeezing her nipples. Her soft lips presses my cock head as it bounces of her lips. I pull up and start to stroke my cock. Eyes shut my orgasm imminent I hear her sultry voice “do it cum all over my tits” Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh oh, shit you are sooo fucking sweet. I growl as cum erupt from my cock spraying her breast and chin I look down at her and see my warm cum oozing down her body this trigger another spurt as our eyes lock I collapse on her mixing our sweat and cum in a delicious slippery love oil.

We had just taken a shower and where lying in bed she was snuggled under my arm while my hands where lazily playing with her pubic hair. My lips were caressing her brow as she absently ran her fingers on my chest.

I was now staying with her instead of my hotel room. It had been 4 days since our first fuck. She murmured, “I have to go to work”. “It is Saturday I complained”. “Well people still got to eat on the weekends” she replied with a laugh and tossed a pillow in my face. “Don’t worry I will be back before 7pm and keep that weapon out of trouble she jokes as she put Her earrings on. Around 6pm I came back to the apartment arms full of groceries. I had decided to surprise her with dinner. As I spread the sheet on the floor and arranged the grapes and cheeses for our picnic, I heard her walking up the stairs with her keys dangling. I quickly lit the candles and slipped in Madonna Erotica in the CD player. Wow is all I heard as she stepped into the room.
She tackled me and we shared a torrid kiss. Dinner was a lovely affair we fed each other and playfully wrestled while the candles trickled and our shadows danced against the walls. We used our mouths and tongues to eat the fruits off our bodies. As she lay on my lap I fed her strawberries and grapes. We were both nude by this time and where sharing the fruits with our mouth. Giggling as we Experimented on other parts of our body with the fruits. Do you like my pussy she asked me. I love it I replied. Where did that come from I asked her. Well she said I think I have too much hair on my pussy, what do you think I told her I think is beautiful but if you shave it I will eat your pussy till you beg me to stop. There was a gleam in her eyes. “Let do it,” she said.

I went to the bathroom and came back with my beard clippers. Be careful she said nervously as I set the clippers to the lowest setting I don’t want all of it off just enough to see my lips she told me. Her pussy was warm as I rubbed her pubes with the palm of my hands. A low hum filled the room as the clippers did their work, shards of hair fell as her pussy came into view the vibrating moan of the machine was beginning to arouse her. It was getting increasingly harder to cut while her hips were moving in slow gyrations. You have to be absolutely still for this part I said. As I filled a bowl with warm water. I’ll try she said. I trickled the warm water on her pussy and used my hands to massage her. That feels wonderful she said. With her pussy so wet and inviting it very difficult for me not to dive in myself. I began short strokes around her labia. With my other hand I held her stomach down. Perfect I said as I shaved the last bit of hair along the lips It was amazing her pussy lips look so much fuller there was hair on her mound but down to a stubble the hair around her pussy was equally short if not shorter. I pressed my lip on it. I was like kissing a soft warm wet mouth. I got into a frenzy trying to swallow her whole the texture of her pussy was unbelievable. Oh my God you mouth feels so good she exclaims! I want to feel your cock in my bare pussy baby she said as she pushed me on my back and slid up my chest. I feel her wet pussy on my leg as she rides up to my cock. She now slips my rigid cock up and down her bald lips. I try to push it in but she teases me refusing to let my Dick experience the pleasures of her warm hole.

Finally my cock head sink in wet hole. The flare of my cock head. Is teasing her inner lips. I look up at her clenched eyes. Her face it a combination of pure lust and concentration as she bites her lips and hiss in pleasure. Her fingernails are clawing my chest as she begins to ride my dick high. Lifting her entire body and corkscrewing down hard. I grab her ass and knead it while her hips make waves on my loins. I slip a finger up her ass pushing up to the knuckle. Shrieks pierce the night, as our body move in unison, her bare wet lips are mashing on my pubic bone it is nirvana. I’m going to cum I yell. Cum for me baby she retorts. I lean up and push her to her back I am on top now with my hands holding the headboard. I drive into her deep and true. Her entire body shaking. The bed is moving with us as we reach that pinnacle. My cock fills her belly with my seed. After our fuck we lay together in the after glow. My cock is still in her pussy with my pubic hair tickling her freshly shaved pussy.

An hour later we decided to go for a drive. She put on a dress that stopped just below her thighs. Don’t wear any panties whispered to her “You are a wild one Mr.” she told me as she pulled her panties off. We get into her car. I get in first as she sat down a pleasant smile covers her face as she realize I slipped my hand under her and she is sitting on my finger. “So this is why you didn’t want me to wear panties she laughed. As we drove around every time we stopped or hit a bump my fingers sank deeper into her cunt. Whenever there was a stoplight she would eagerly kiss me as my hand slid all over her slippery shaved snatch. Driving was erratic at best we were lucky we didn’t get pulled over for a ticket. We pulled in front of a park and got out of the car I want to fuck you so bad I murmured as I gently pushed her shoulders down on the hood of her car what if someone see us she groaned back I don’t care I hissed. Oooooooh she sang as my lips found her pleasure spot.

Baby I want to suck first she said as we switched position. My ass leaned up against the hood of the car. My pants around my ankles my cock half erect. She took my erection and reaches out with her tongue and touch the tip of my dick with it leaving a trail of wetness. She draws back and smiles. I urge my hips a bit closer. She parts her lips just a bit and nip the head of my cock, biting across the head with her lips, pressing down the spongy flesh of the head making me more and more sensitive, again and nibbling there till the sensitivity makes me draw back and she quickly gab my hips and push me swallowing my cock quickly, and full, pressing my shaft into her mouth, mashing her lips at the stem of my dick, shackling her head back and forth, as I watch the length of my phallus push out the smooth concave shape of her sucking cheeks. She then slowly run her lips up and down the length of my shaft, sucking me hot, wet and firm, making slurping sounds, her eyes are beginning to water as she worked on my dick. I feel I am close to Cuming she sucks me some more then I grab my dick and feverishly jack off over her face till the first twitch of orgasm begins to take place, She is holding her mouth open and her tongue is out. As the first long release of semen falls from my cock as she circles my scrotum with her hands my orgasm works through my body, she pulls on my dick lengthening my shaft, while she rubs the head around and around the semen that formed a puddle on her tongue, she suck me till I was too sensitive to take more.

By the time that summer was over my gig was up so I had move back to NY. I have since lost contact with Heather (lost my address book on my flight back to NYC) That was a hell of a summer and my first interracial experience. I will never forget it.



Well I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. I am taking off tomorrow to sunny Fla. for the Christmas break. I am going to get into some naughty trouble. Since am never nice Santa never brings me presents so it up to me to get my own. I will head to Miami and meet all the naughty girls that need their stocking stuffed. If I am lucky I may get something to post when I get back.


LOL on another note since this is a sharing and family holiday I thought I would sort of change things up a little bit and leave a vid of some of my more erotic photography and remember:

The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting. -Gloria Leonard

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday


-B. Max



Hi all sorry for he long Delay in updating the blog been on vacation for a couple weeks and had no internet access. And drinking mojitos all day can really sap you of any desire to do work. Any ways Lavender and I flew down to the Virgin Islands and chilled we hung out on the beach most of the time but with the always sexy lavender we managed to shoot one scene on the Island Check out the preview.

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