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Yes I know it been a while since I updated the blog. I have been prodded with texts and emails in reference to when will I update. It not easy writing the stories they are all true stories but a lot time if I let time past some of the detail become a little foggy. So this update will not be as lengthy.

As many of you know I do dabble a bit in some form of S&M instead of writing about it I think I will just post 2 clips of some raunchy nasty sexy I had over the last couple of weeks with 2 different sluts. The first on was a sexy sub that enjoyed getting fucked up her ass brutally and spanked till she was black n blue

The first thing she did was when she got to my place was drop on her knees and look up to me and offered her mouth for me to use. I grabbed a lock of her hair to hold her head still then I fed her my dick. She did not complain when my dick slammed into her throat or when I forced it so deep her gag reflexes kicked in and tears seeped for the corner of her eyes. Quite the opposite she loved it. She enjoyed being owned and used for my sexual pleasure. For the next 5 hours she was a willing slave and nothing was barred especially her ass as she told me later she cums faster and more often when a hard dick is fucking her ass. She was supposed to stay for an hour or so. But I chuckled to myself as I lit some candles preparing to pour hot wax on her she picked up her phone and blatantly lied to her family on the other end. “Oh yes me and my girlfriends are at the bar I will be home much later don’t stay up” You’re such a bad bitch I scoffed, she puckered her lips making the sheeesh sound covering the mouth of the phone so they wouldn’t hear me

Knees up I commanded yes sir she replied excitedly and she brought her knees up to her breast as she lay on her back. I could hear her rapid breath as I clicked the handcuffs on her and got the hot wax the first drop hit her nipple instead of screaming in pain she uttered a moan of approval and she squirmed as I found other part of her body to torture. The last place the wax hit was her clit. I made sure I was deliberate and precise I watched it dribble down creating a hardened cast over her clit hood she hissed audibly and clenched her ass but stayed put. At closer inspection there was some thing else dripping from her cunt. She was forming a puddle of her fuck juice along with the hardening wax. It made a pool under her ass. The slut was ready to be fucked. I uncuffed her and put her on her knees doggie style and took my cane out and gave her a thorough spanking that left her ass bright red. Only then I fucked her ass till she came uncontrollably

The second video is of a total BBC slut. Mr. Ed introduced me to. He gave me a call one night late and said I got this slut that needs an old fashion gangbang tonight, she wants no romance, no names just a brutal fuck from some big black dick. Her words were “ I wanna get fucked up” all hole where open.By the time I got to her house the door was unlocked she was already on her knees taking some dick. For the next 2 hours the crew and me fucked every one of her holes and we each left a deposit in at least 2 holes. (It was 3 of us) when we got ready to leave she laid limp on the bed with cum oozing out of her ass and cunt, her breath smelled like dick but she had a smile on her face she could barley move. It was a good thing it was a Fri. and she did not have to go to work the next day. My last image of her was her on her bed; belly and face down almost passed out with her arm barley able to raise to wave good-bye.



Had an awesome weekend filled with fucking and debauchery. Just one snapshot of my weekend was when one of my friends called up and asked me if I was free one Friday evening. I had nothing going on that night.  So I told him what did he have in mind. “Well I got a bad girl for you, a total freak and she want a gangbang. She does it all anal, multiple guys DP she into everything. She is as nasty as they come”. Well I do like nasty, so the date was set for the euro slut to come by the crib.

The night they were supposed to come by we had arranged 5 guys including myself to turn her out. And as usual things don’t always work out as planned I had a booty call in NJ that afternoon me being the Man-Slut that I am couldn’t pass up a horny wife wanting a quickie before her husband got home. As a result I was running late getting back home. And any of you that live in the tri-state area know it is an agonizing slow crawl trying to get throughout the Lincoln tunnel at 6pm. The 8-mile trek took over 2 hours to get back. Needless to say when I got home, I had less than 45 minutes to set up before the slut arrived.

Turns out I did not have to rush nobody is ever on time so as I was changing the sheets putting in new pillow cases my buddy texted me and told she just got to his place and would be to my place in about hour. So I had time to chill have a beer and watch a lil law and order before the festivities.

She was a tall one, bout 5′ 10″ blond and busty she walked the house behind 2 of my friends and nervously looked around and held out her hand to shake and greet me. I pulled her in and kissed her hello on the cheek and asked if she wanted a drink. No I am fine she said. After brief introductions all the way around. She asked where could she change. Ready to fuck huh I said. Oh yes she replied laughing I am very horny. So I directed her to the bathroom while me and the guys waited for her in the bedroom.

When she first arrived she was wearing a pair of nondescript jeans, a top that was pretty inconspicuous. But when she stepped thought the bedroom door it was like whoa! She had thigh high white boots white lacy panties and nothing more, she had a bubble butt meaty thighs she was built for fucking, we wasted no time in pouncing on her. Mr. Ed and me attacked from the front and back. She had 4 hands mauling her and 2 mouths on her hard nipples she just fluttered her eyes and moaned just then the doorbell rang and 2 more guys showed up. I let them in and the party began.
I gave my camera to one of the guys and instructed him to record and then jumped in I scooted on the bed and grabbed her head and stuffed my dick down her throat she gurgled and accepted it greedily she did not talk much, only when instructed to do so but boy was she a grunter and that is all you heard all night moaning grunting and the occasional YES. She was in her element 5 guys there all for one purpose …to fuck her, and fuck her well. She was not there tonight to be wined and dined or romanced she wanted to be fuck hard and rough the rougher the better her cunt got so hot n wet when we started to talk to her dirty and call her a slut whore our bitch for tonight. Each of us took turns ravishing ha mouth with our dicks. Like I said she was built for fucking. She took most of my dick down with no teeth grating. When Mr. Ed said “you know she like it in the ass more than her pussy.” Oh yeah on your knees slut I told her as I lubed up. There was no prep; she took my dick in her ass like a true slut no complaint she in fact pushed back at me. Her ass expand and took all of my dick, she put her face down on the bed and let out a loud guttering moan and said fuck me and I did not hesitate I pounded her ass like it was a pussy and spanked her ass as she came. Her ass was glowing red and all the guys took turns on her now open ass, she was Cumming non-stop. “Let’s DP this bitch” Mr. Ed said as I was taking her ass for the second time. He slid down under her and slipped his dick in her waiting cunt. My dick never left her ass I was doing her doggie, I immediately felt the tightening of her ass and her moans grew one decibel higher. I grabbed on to her shoulders and neck to keep her steady and we both grinded and fucked her till she was screaming I am Cumming.
After we slid off her another guy took my place and started to fuck her in the ass. For the next hour no one took her pussy it was all ass. I was so open anyone could have slid in there very easily. She was in ecstasy. As hard as we pounded her she never once said stop or no it’s too much, she simply opened her legs and gleefully took all the dick that was given to her.
What came next I can only describe as simply amazing. I processed to finger her and make her squirt. Her pussy was soaking wet and slippery I nonchalantly slipped a 3rd finger in her then she grabbed my wrist for a second I thought maybe she had reached her limits and was pushing my hand away but I was wrong so very wrong. She wanted the exact opposite. She used my arm like a balancing pole and steadied her self planted both feet on the bed and lunged her cunt onto my finger. Them I knew what she wanted. Lubed was poured on to my hand and I pushed in deeper. In all my fucking I have never been able to get pass the knuckles in a woman but this one was determined to take all of me and like magic my hand disappeared in her. Not only did it cover my wrist but also I was actively fisting and fucking her with my forearm. You could see the pleasure in her eyes when she was beginning to cum and scream, then Mr. Ed put 4-finger sin her ass and we double fisted fuck her.
-B. Max.


Training Michelle, I met Michelle online bout a year ago. It started off casual enough. Not sure where we met but it was definitely on some sort of sex swinging site or group with those connotations. Through chatting with her I found out she was a submissive slut and married to a Dom husband. Well I did not give meeting her much thought …since her Dom husband owns her and I am not the type that goes around asking for permission to fuck someone else’s wife. So I humored her when we chatted. She seemed eager to meet me. I entertained the idea of what I would do to her when we met. But being a Dom myself I knew it would not happen under the circumstance I would have preferred.

Well a couple weeks ago turns out we had a mutual friend and unbeknown to us we all got invited to his swing party. It was quite a surprise to see Michelle and her husband at the party. We chatted briefly while mingling with the other guests. The mingling went on for some time. I am a man of little patience when it comes to the social aspect of these parties. I like to get down to business and fuck and I am not shy about it, so the first available lady who looked like she was ready to fuck I grabbed her hand n said lets go. We were the first to get naked in the bedroom and we proceeded to fuck while a small crowd gathered around us to watch. At the corner of my eye I saw Michelle staring at me fuck the slut I was with while clutching her husband’s hand. As the night went ahead the “manslut” that I am went through almost all the women at the party fucking them all at least once except Michelle. It was not by choice but it sort of worked out that way. She seemed to be busy entertaining guys when I got around to her. Needless to say I did not fuck Michelle that night.

The next day or maybe 2 days after that I received an IM from her pining about how she felt very neglected at the party because I did not fuck her. She said that she felt too old and not attractive. There is nothing I loathe more than self-pity so I immediately shut her down and told her if she wanted to get fucked she would have to drop the Prima-Donna violin act. She should have approached me and asked for hers. “I do not beg for pussy it’s your fault if you missed the boat” I told her. She then became immediately contrite and apologized for making that presumption. I told her if you want to be my bitch you are going to have to follow some rules. “Number one you are a submissive slut and there to please, I am in no way obligated to please you. If you do a good job in pleasing me you will be allowed to feel equal pleasure.” There was a pause in her response it seemed like I had hit a cord. She responded “yes Sir what can I do to please you. I promise to do what ever you like. I don’t not want to disappoint or fail” Unknown to her. Her husband had privately called me and told me he was totally cool in loaning her out to me in his words “she is a slut. I have trained her over the years to serve. She will do what you ask”. That began my training of Michelle.

Whenever I signed on yahoo she would address me as Sir and ask for instructions on how she could please me. I would tell her to take very explicit pictures of herself and e-mail them to me with her face showing. This went on for several days I told her when I wanted her online and when to contact me. I also disciplined her, cutting her off when she questioned my motives (submissive sluts when not trained will test their boundaries with new Masters) She was now under my control. She knew I could expose her at any time but she did this willingly. But you can only level your control on a slut so long online… It was time to meet. I then had her book a room in one of the finest hotels in NYC, instructed her exactly what to wear, the color of her clothes, how to do her hair even down to the color of her lipstick and nail polish. Any diversion to these directions would result in me promptly dumping her ass. She did them all in flying colors. On the appointed day Michelle greeted me at the hotel room with nothing on but white bra and white thong panties with matching stockings. She got on her knees and opened her mouth for the gift of my black Dick. I and her husband chatted a bit while slut Michelle knelt on the floor waiting for a directive from either on of us I pulled out my camera and showed him how to operate it. We stood there in front of her discussing how she would be used tonight and like a true sub she said nothing as we discussed the possibility of showing others the video.

For the next hour or so I trained Michelle in how to suck my dick – making her gag choke, suck and slurp it. For a half hour she worshiped my dick doing what ever I wanted. She performed like a true cock-slut I watched her licking my balls to ass, her pink lips contrasted on my charcoal color cock especially when it got paper-thin from her lips trying to accommodate the wide girth of my shaft. She relished sucking dick. Her love for cock sucking was very evident when I pulled her wet panties aside and saw her cunt leaking. The slut was getting wet from sucking dick and being ordered around. Seeing this, I really started to fuck her face using her mouth like a pussy calling her my whore who I was going to pimp out to my buddies. Her breath gasped when I mentioned that she would be a play toy for friends of mine. Her chest was rising up and down very fast when I pulled my cock out of her mouth with a pop. I was not sure if her heaving was because of lack or air or the excitement of the possibility I was going to bring my buddies to pimp her out. To further illustrate her servitude to her new master I put a leash on her and had her crawl on all 4 while leading her to the bedroom where I would proceed to fuck her like the sub-slut she was becoming. I have no doubt that if I commanded her to bark while I walked her to the bedroom she would have done so willingly.


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