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The sluts Next door No. 29

The Sluts next door 29 is the latest DVD in this series a record 6 sluts are on this feature Leilani Lei, Stunning Summer, Lily Lawsen, Christi Wett, Amber Leah and Natasha Starr. All these ladies are very good at taking Dick. No script just gonzo styled amateur fucking captured on video. You wont need to fast-forward this DVD. Total time 2 hours. Get your copy today




A Night of Many First

Here is a true story written by a new slut I recently met. It got me hard reading and remembering the details of our encounter. Enjoy.
I will dedicate 2 sentences to describe myself and my life before Daddy. Because, that’s all I feel it deserves. I’ve been with my husband for 24 years; I am a 40 year old mother of 6, beautiful, sarcastic, fun, sweet and in love with life. My sexual experience was NEVER about ME, ALWAYS about HIM, no foreplay, NEVER ate my pussy and I can count on my fingers how many times he made me cum. I am a married cheating whore.
My Daddy, I first met when I was 12, he lived 2 doors down from me. We did crazy kid shit together, even back then he was a bad boy. My favorite pastime, stealing his Mom’s car when she was asleep and joyriding at night until there was just enough gas to get back into the driveway. Just shy of his 18th birthday, he joined the Marines and I didn’t hear from him for 25 years. A few months back he messaged me  “Hello Smiley” on Facebook, within 5 days of talking to him, He was my Daddy and I his slut in training.
See Daddy LOVES the Naughty stuff…ALL of it.  He had seen Max in a few adult movies on XHAMSTER. He searched him out on and he responded right away to the email I sent him. Right off the bat, I could tell Max was genuine, down to earth and easy to talk to. We chatted for a few weeks, as did he and Daddy. He was respectful of my boundaries and knew I was owned. YES, I am an OWNED SLAVE. I do whatever Daddy tells me to, because he knows what’s best for me. He knows every deep dark secret, every need  and desires  of mine.
The three of us knew we were all going to meet at some point, but our schedules were crazy. This past weekend, I had plans with Daddy to go to a local swingers club. I had never even set foot in one before, so this whole experience was…I won’t even say scary because I was not scared AT all. It was more overwhelming. I was anxious, but at the same time nervous about disappointing Daddy. The idea that I was going there to possibly suck another man’s cock, or eat another woman’s pussy, any encounter with a stranger, was exciting. It was hard to fathom that Daddy would be WATCHING me do this, and be okay with it. The mere fact that I didn’t know who it was going to be was agonizing. From what Daddy told me, you just kind of mingle with people, and then if you click with someone, you just either invite them over to the couches or beds and start fooling around. (YES, there were beds in this club, with couches around them, so people can watch you FUCK). Continue reading


One of the joys of working at home is having a flexible schedule. And it does come in handy. I recently had a buddy call me up and say what are you doing right now. I was about to go out n get some lunch I said. Skip it he said I have something better I am at work my wife has the day off and is horny as fuck I want to send her to you. Now I have played with this couple before but never alone with the wife. It is pretty standard fare for swinging couples to be both present when you hook up.


This was unusual for them because she has never played without him being there. Are your serious I laughed? Hell yeah if you don’t believe me text her n ask her which I did. Thus became a back n forth-slutty laced exchange between the wife and me. By the time she got to the elevator of her building her pussy was soaking wet. I want you so bad she texted me with a pic of her exposed cunt as I had instructed her to send me.

This clip is a lil of what went on, on my lunch break.


Rough Fuck 2

I am heading out to Vegas next week but before I leave I thought I would drop a video of an encounter I had recently.

Three weeks ago, my buddy called me up and told me his wife was craving black dick she loved what happened to her the last time she was at my place. (rough fuck). In his words she is horny as hell and needs to be slutted out. I had work to do that night but he was persuasive, plus an opportunity to fuck her again was much more compelling than finishing up my work.

So it it was arranged that they would come and see me that night. Anyone that has been to my place knows parking is a bitch. So I waited a bit for them 15 minutes after they were due to arrive I got a knock on my door, I expected to see them both but it was just her. Where is your husband? I asked. Oh he could not find parking near by so he dropped me off so I would not have walk so far in heels plus I am freezing she coolly told me. It was cold outside so I ushered her in. After taking off her coat i realized why she was so cold, she had thigh high boots and a skirt that barley covered her ass. She was wearing a thin black sweater and her nipples were straining against them. She did not dress warmly, she dressed to get fucked. I Sat her down and fixed a Cognac prepared neat, after she took a long sip she looked at me a said so how have you been. I looked back at her and said am good but you are not here for small talk. You know what I need i replied. Not one word was uttered when she put her drink down and moved closer. I unbuckled my belt.

I grabbed her by the back of her neck. With very little resistant I pushed her face to my crotch and said suck my dick bitch I heard a quiet moan of acceptance when her warm soft lip encircled my dick head. There was no need to push her head down hard she was bopping up and down like a pro my hand merly rested on the back of her head reassuring her who’s dick she was sucking and I could force her anytime. The ringing of the doorbell broke the spell and startled us both, she re-adjusted herself on the couch but not bothering to fix her clothes or wipe the excessive drool that was dripping from her mouth she just layed there with her skirt half hiked up panties pulled aside and a look of pure lust on her face Continue reading


Yes I know it been a while since I updated the blog. I have been prodded with texts and emails in reference to when will I update. It not easy writing the stories they are all true stories but a lot time if I let time past some of the detail become a little foggy. So this update will not be as lengthy.

As many of you know I do dabble a bit in some form of S&M instead of writing about it I think I will just post 2 clips of some raunchy nasty sexy I had over the last couple of weeks with 2 different sluts. The first on was a sexy sub that enjoyed getting fucked up her ass brutally and spanked till she was black n blue

The first thing she did was when she got to my place was drop on her knees and look up to me and offered her mouth for me to use. I grabbed a lock of her hair to hold her head still then I fed her my dick. She did not complain when my dick slammed into her throat or when I forced it so deep her gag reflexes kicked in and tears seeped for the corner of her eyes. Quite the opposite she loved it. She enjoyed being owned and used for my sexual pleasure. For the next 5 hours she was a willing slave and nothing was barred especially her ass as she told me later she cums faster and more often when a hard dick is fucking her ass. She was supposed to stay for an hour or so. But I chuckled to myself as I lit some candles preparing to pour hot wax on her she picked up her phone and blatantly lied to her family on the other end. “Oh yes me and my girlfriends are at the bar I will be home much later don’t stay up” You’re such a bad bitch I scoffed, she puckered her lips making the sheeesh sound covering the mouth of the phone so they wouldn’t hear me

Knees up I commanded yes sir she replied excitedly and she brought her knees up to her breast as she lay on her back. I could hear her rapid breath as I clicked the handcuffs on her and got the hot wax the first drop hit her nipple instead of screaming in pain she uttered a moan of approval and she squirmed as I found other part of her body to torture. The last place the wax hit was her clit. I made sure I was deliberate and precise I watched it dribble down creating a hardened cast over her clit hood she hissed audibly and clenched her ass but stayed put. At closer inspection there was some thing else dripping from her cunt. She was forming a puddle of her fuck juice along with the hardening wax. It made a pool under her ass. The slut was ready to be fucked. I uncuffed her and put her on her knees doggie style and took my cane out and gave her a thorough spanking that left her ass bright red. Only then I fucked her ass till she came uncontrollably

The second video is of a total BBC slut. Mr. Ed introduced me to. He gave me a call one night late and said I got this slut that needs an old fashion gangbang tonight, she wants no romance, no names just a brutal fuck from some big black dick. Her words were “ I wanna get fucked up” all hole where open.By the time I got to her house the door was unlocked she was already on her knees taking some dick. For the next 2 hours the crew and me fucked every one of her holes and we each left a deposit in at least 2 holes. (It was 3 of us) when we got ready to leave she laid limp on the bed with cum oozing out of her ass and cunt, her breath smelled like dick but she had a smile on her face she could barley move. It was a good thing it was a Fri. and she did not have to go to work the next day. My last image of her was her on her bed; belly and face down almost passed out with her arm barley able to raise to wave good-bye.



Hello again I just thought I would post a clip of scenes from my upcoming DVD Housewives Gone Rouge 4. It will be released in the coming week and can be purchased at In the meanwhile check out the other selections at the site. There is a limited price reduction on most of the DVDs for the summer.


Hi guys Max back again with another blog update. I had a visit from a hotwife I have played with frequently in the past. It was hot and amazing we always had casual fun sex, but this time was a little different. Her husband had mentioned to me how she had transformed, how submissive she had become how she loves it aggressive hard and rough. I had not played with them in about 8 months or so. So I was eager to see how she had changed. A lot of times husbands tell me OH yeah their wives are really submissive and like an aggressive and Dom guy. But 9 out of 10 times I have to keep my self in check because I am a pretty big guy and can hurt someone if I wanted to, and normally it is more of a fantasy than reality. They like the idea off being roughed up but can’t necessarily take it. In the past I had to hold back with other couples. So needless to say I was excited to test the new and improved slut. And let me tell you she did not disappoint. I was not gentle with her. I had never seen her that way. And she loved it. I did what ever wanted with her.
We stated out in the living room watching one of my videos. I could see her watching the video intently. I purposely put in a vid that was aggressive and forceful; to gauge her reaction. I could hear her breathing intensify as she kept crisscrossing her legs watching the scene unfold on the TV screen. After a couple sips of her Champaign she seemed transfixed. At that point I was ready I snapped her out of it by immediately grabbing a fist-full of her hair and forcing her face into my crotch as I unbuckled and unzipped my pants. She took to it like a duck to water or a slut to dick she started to suck my dick like it was her job. She did it well filling the room with the sounds of her slurping on my dick. I kept her head in place as she choked on my dick gasping for air but I kept her head in place forcing my dick even deeper in her throat despite her trying to shake loose for air. That act was forcing tears to flow from her eyes and her salvia to make a trail to my balls. When I finally released her, her chest was heaving and she gulped down massive quantities of air she was denied earlier. But the was something else a huge smile on her face with-out my prodding she went back down and sucking again at that point I knew I could use her however I wanted. I started to talk her like a slut yelling obscenities at her pulling her hair slapping her open face and commanding her to answer me in a clear voice I took all her holes ass, pussy and mouth she could not stop coming and begging for more. The more aggressive I got the more she was turned on. There is nothing like seeing a slut with mascara running down her face with a gapping pussy begging for your big dick to fuck her some more. Her husband held the camera and I fucked her ass till it was pulsating then took my dick and I face fucked so deep my balls bumped her lips we later took the party upstairs to my bedroom where her husband and me fucked her mercilessly for a couple hours


Couple weeks ago, my buddy Donnie Pipes called me and mentioned a new couple he had met; Bruce and Rachel. A couple that he wanted me to meet he said they are right up your ally Max. Send me some photos and what are you doing this weekend? He asked.

This woman is the nastiest slut you will meet she will do whatever and anything, take it in the ass then suck your dick lick your ass and ask for more, and she love to talk nasty. So I said cool sound like my kinda slut I’m not doing anything this weekend send me a pic of her as well.

When I got the pics he was not kidding the slut, was smoking hot, tall, blonde with a nice rack and a look that said fuck me now! So I sent them e-mail with my name and number and a couple more pictures of myself. A day later I got a response from them. Bruce her husband called me, he said they thought my pictures are hot “my wife can’t wait to meet you” so we made arrangements to meet some time the following weekend. I gave them a call and we hit it off right away. She was a real slut that loved BBC she told me she had a weakness for Strong black bulls. The more aggressive the better she did not want romance or flowers just a man that will take her to the limit pull her hair and treat her like a whore just her telling me this just turned me on even more. Do anything you want to me I am your fuck toy spit on me degrade me abuse me. I knew immediately this is going to be something special. The following Friday on my way over as I got on the on the highway I got a call in the car and it was Rachel she wanted make sure that was on my way. Apparently a lot of other guys that have made appointments with her in the past back out at the last min, She was a lil too intimating for them to handle and did not believe she would do what she said. She just wanted to make sure I was coming. She sounded like a happy schoolgirl when I told her I was 30 miles away on the road. She started to talk to me dirty tell me all and nasty things wanted to do to me. She had just finished a blunt and wanted something bigger she want to suck my dick she want me to take all her holes asked not to be gentle do anything to me and take anything from me. She want me to pull her hair and make her choke on my dick till tears to come down the she wanted be slapped around and come on and do whatever. My dick was getting hard I was getting so turned on by her nasty mouth I couldn’t wait to meet and fuck her so by the time I got to her house I had such a raging hard-on.

I pull-up the house she was wearing a sexy corset and thongs she just made quick intro and she handed me a blunt I shook Bruce’s hand and she lead me upstairs after a few puffs I said on your knees bitch. I grabbed her hair and started to fuck her face she shot back at me with equal verbal fervor in her shit talk she was an aggressive slut which I love. I soon had her doggie style pounding at her married cunt we started at 10 pm and I did not leave till about 4 am before the night was over she had a gapping ass swollen pussy and a mouth full of cum I fucked her in every room in her house often leading her around with a leash she was a very flexible and contorted her body to give me access to the deepest recess of her pussy and ass I have never seen a slut take my dick that hard for that many hours I even gave the slut a golden shower she relished in it. Her husband captured it all on film for me. Check out her performance in my latest vid Big Max Banging the MILFs Vol. 16

You can check Rachel here at

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