Max is a traveling executive. On this trip, he took his favorite secretary... Kenzi Foxx on this business trip. She has a special set of skills that helps relieves his stress. She is the ultimate corporate whore. And those whatever it takes to make her boss happy and relaxed

Kenzi Foxx Sexy Secretary 8/10/2020

Max and Vicki were trying to get a little privacy before the dinner party started. But every time they started to play they would always get caught. Finally, when all the guests left they got down to business. But one of the guests forgot his phone and came back... so what the hell it became a 3some

No Privacy Vicki Verona & Max 7/28/20

Nikki Cakes is in need of some discipline and an attitude adjustment. Her Husband caught her being a slut So he sent her to Master Edge and Mistress Charlie Rae to "reset" her to be a more disciplined slut She gets spanked prodded gagged and finally fucked by Edges BBC

Nikki Cakes Discipline 7/5/2020