Havana Bleu checked into an exclusive hotel that was recommended by her friend Rose Monroe. Ask for a Massage and make sure You get Jonothan as your masseur she told her. You wont regret it. As Promised Jonothan Jordan did not disappoint. and gave her the deep tissue massage she craved.

Havana Bleu Massage Therapy 9/19/20

One summer afternoon Max, Jack, and Alice hung out at Helena s place. We decided to go to the Balcony and have a Blunt. and we got really high specifically Helena and myself (Max) Having no inhibitions the girls stipped outside on the balcony and me and jack whipped out dicks out. and proceeded to have public sex.

On the Balcony with a Blunt 9/1/20

Max and Vicki were trying to get a little privacy before the dinner party started. But every time they started to play they would always get caught. Finally, when all the guests left they got down to business. But one of the guests forgot his phone and came back... so what the hell it became a 3some

No Privacy Vicki Verona & Max 7/28/20