Max wanted to get his girlfriend a classic toy for her birthday. Responded to an ad for her favorite character. Little did he know Vicki the proprietor uses the ads to lure in perspective men for booty calls.

Toy Story Seduction 5/22/19

When Grace Evangeline stopped by to see her friend Margo she was not home. So D. Wise convinces her to stay a little while till she gets back. Little did she know Dee and Margo were such a freaky couple. One thing led to another and she soon found herself fucking her best friend man.

D. Wise and Grace Evangeline 5/22/19

Selah has a Problem Roommate. she has no control when it comes to men. Especially black men. she seems to attract all the wrong types. Selah tries to set her up with Max only to discover she snuck another guy into the house. It is the last straw time for a little discipline

Roommate Disipline Scarlett & Selah 4/25/19