Vicky Verona Need some money again. so she goes to her favorite source, Big Max. But unable to pay back her debt. She is now forced to work for him Fucking whomever he wants her to fuck in order to repay him back.

Vickie Verona Pimped out 12/31/18

Xaya Is upset. Her man has been treating her badly ignoring her needs and to top it off she recently found out he is cheating on her. After a couple of glasses of wine with her best friend, Helena they decided to take action and get back at him. He had enough and now she wants her sweet revenge.

Xaya Sweet Revenge 12/20/2018

It was a rainy night and eros was staying at his best friends house. After his friend went to bed Eros sneaked into his friend's mom room Manda and proceeded to seduce her with BBC

Manda & Eros 12/6/18