I was late I was supposed to meet Megan earlier that evening but we got our schedules mixed-up I finally got a text from her at 2 am "I am sorry it is so late but do you still want to come over" so I found myself on the jersey turnpike heading for her place. "I had a long day and I need some dick" was my greeting at her door. "We have to be quiet my neighbors can hear everything downstairs."

Fucking at Megan's Apt 6/6/18

when my ex-neighbor found out I did Porn. She asked to come over to see my new place. I kinda figured this was not just a random visit. After all, she never visited me at my old place, and my intuition was right. After a couple glasses of wine, she said she has seen my vids and would like to try my dick.

Latina Bootycall 6/6/18

When Ginger Reigh daughter needed to get into a prestigious Prep school. She did not hold back in doing whatever it took to get her accepted including satisfying the carnal desires of Dean Freaky and HeadMaster Max.

The Recruiters 5/18/18