When my buddy Fleo asked me if i knew any PAWGs he could film with. One name that popped in my head was Ginger Reigh, she was local and had a booty to die for. You know I had to jump into the mix once I saw em fucking

Fleo Meet Ginger Reigh 8/2/17

Ginger Reigh was on her way back to her hotel room after attending a conference. it been a long day. To make matters worst her hotel key does not seem to be working. Locked out and frustrated. Ludus Adonis Happens to walk by and offer his assistance. Ginger repays his generosity with her sweet ginger Pussy

Ginger Reigh Locked Out 7/2/17

While in Florida Ludus and Summer hooked up for this epic fuck at a VP event. I was lucky enough to capture these go at it, the lust n chemistry is there.

Stunning Summer & Ludus Adonis