Selah is at it again trying to escape the long arm of the law. Officer Don Prince is in hot pursuit of his most cunning escapee. She escaped twice before. this time he is determined to keep her in custody. by any means necessary.

Selah Rain On The Run 9/3/18

Max has been waiting for months for this new realistic silicone "living doll" It finally was delivered to his hotel room. Where it is charged and ready to go as per instructions. This model has a lot of features Max is eager to explore.

Maxine The Living Doll 8/17/18

Lord Black Dom was in town and needed a little action. So he started browsing on Tinder to find a freak to fuck with that night. Stunning Summer happened to be doing the same thing, and like magic, it happened.

The Tinder Hook-Up 8/17/18