Selah Rain does whatever it takes to sell Max a House. Including seducing him. When he tries to Negotiate she opens her legs and closes the deal.

Sell that House 1/24/18

Max was enjoying the day off trying to enjoy the football game. But Leilani has some other thoughts in mind. And what she wants she gets. Initially rebuffed by Max Leilani is determined to seduce Max, and that is exactly what she does.

LeiLani Interrupting Football 1/23/18

Back when I lived in NYC I met an Italian couple we spent 3 fun-filled days fucking this takes place on one of those days actually the first day. The husband was the translator because his wife did not speak a word of English, but she knew how to communicate what she wanted btwn her legs. After dinner I went back with them to their hotel room. I will just let the vid speak for itself.

Max and the Italian Couple 1/2/18